Six-year-old twin boys in Mesa, Arizona were taken into custody by the Department of Children Services (DCS) for “Neglect” due to food intolerances. Both boys have had a lot of chemical and food sensitivities their whole lives, starting from when they were weaned from breastfeeding. “We have constantly struggled with their food sensitivities, one step forward, two steps back,” Jessica, acupuncturist and mother of the twin boys says. From very early on, both boys suffered with joint pain, irritability, headaches, horribly dark circles under their eyes, swelling all over the body, difficulty sleeping, heel pain, itching, rashes that got so bad they turned purple and great bloating. 

The family removed different foods such as wheat and other processed foods, switching to a real food diet so popular today that it was thoroughly explained in a recent documentary on Netflix called “The Magic Pill”. Their problems subsided until the were literally thriving with no negative issues. They began taking tennis lessons, taekwondo and playing at the local playground regularly. Looking at the boys, you wouldn’t be able to tell anything was different about them from any other healthy child. They continued to thrive on their foods, growing taller, gaining weight and participating in scheduled activities. They were elated and spent their days filled with laughter and play. They continued to get more and more healthy, while introducing more foods, according to what foods didn’t cause negative reactions. This continued for over two years.


The boys started at a local charter school in August of 2018. Shortly thereafter, they experienced great change in their bodies. They felt yucky overall, suffered from joint pain, weakness in their muscles and headaches. The problems escalated.

Jessica, the boys’ mother, was in close communication with their teachers. They navigated the potential factors together including possible ingested foods, perfumes, cleaning products, pesticides and many other potential factors. 

Due to the pains and specifically a fall at school on the playground for one of the boys, the parents scheduled a visit to an orthopedist. Healing took longer than expected, incorporating more and more visits to the orthopedist where they were told to just give it more time. As concerned parents, they went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for a second opinion where they agreed with the schedule of treatment. The child who fell, experienced such pain that he was unable to stand and was put in a wheelchair for over a month. 

The other boy also had a fall at school, tripping over a child on the floor when the teacher was absent from the room. This fall injured his knee so the parents took him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where he was diagnosed with a severe bruise on the end of his femur. Rest was advised, so he was also given a wheelchair. 

This means both boys were in wheelchairs and still attending school for roughly one month, where they continued to decline in stability, suffered from increased pains and began having cold after cold.

After much detective work form Jessica, overturning every possible cause, the biggest concern came down to the 30 kids in the classroom using dry erase markers on white boards. Other factors could have been pesticides, herbicides and cleaning chemicals. The potential side effects of dry erase makers and the dry erase maker cleaners included every one of their symptoms. The boys were pulled from school and began homeschooling. This method fitted them better as they were ahead in their schoolwork in class and could advance at their own pace.

They visited a neurologic rehabilitation center while they were waiting for many months for an appointment with a neurologist. Their hopes were to find help with the pains. Both boys were struggling, one more than the other. Facial swelling began and went, began and went. They visited their chiropractor, osteopath and continued to see their naturopath, chiropractor and MD Functional Medicine Doctor, as their support tools were what historically worked best for the boys. Each practitioner said the symptoms were consistent with liver signs.

Nutritional labs showed micronutrients at the cellular level were all within optimal ranges. The pains and weaknesses continued to overwhelm the child, heart pain and a change in his breathing pattern concerned the parents greatly. They took the boy to the Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Staff told the parents they did not have concerns regarding the boys and sent them home. Two days after being sent home the parents saw continued swelling in their son with lethargy so they took him to Cardon Children’s Medical Center Emergency Room. 

Emergency Room staff was told there was chemical exposure at school with subsequent edema and lethargy. After finding out he did not eat a Standard American Diet, and wasn’t recovering as quickly as he should, the Emergency Room Doctor made a complaint to DCS. The boy was admitted to the hospital for further testing, to the PICU, telling the parents that since they were going into the weekend he would get better care in the PICU, not that he needed the ICU.

After many, many, many tests pre-albumen levels were abnormal showing protein wasn’t being absorbed properly, but albumen levels were fine. This is consistent in those with Intestinal Permeability, AKA Leaky Gut, which they already knew the boys had from many years earlier. Again, both boys were thriving on organic meats, organic vegetables, collagen, grass fed animal fats, marrow bones, organ meats, avocado and other foods. 

After numerous tests finding no real cause for the boy’s struggle, DCS visited their home, after 10 pm, to interview the twin brother and visited the mother, father, doctors and child in the hospital. They put him on levothyroxin, a synthetic thyroid medication. They insisted more food needed to be given to the child in the hospital, that he was malnourished. The only test showing anything regarding malnutrition was the pre-albumen level, low blood sugar and electrolytes upon admission as the child hadn’t eaten prior to admittance. While in the hospital the parents continued to run home, cook food and bring their food to the hospital, juggling each of their jobs. The hospital insisted the child be fed more, threatening they would put him on a feed tube. Jessica continued to increase his intake of food to the point where the few days prior to when they took custody of both boys citing “neglect”, he was fed continually through the day. At that time his food intake included: breakfast – 6 New Zealand lamb meatballs, 3 turkey meatballs, 2 tablespoons mashed potatoes, 2 teaspoons beets, 1 teaspoon carrots with the skins, 5 ounces of water, lunch – 11 New Zealand lamb meatballs, 1/3 of a cup of potatoes, 1/8 of cup of lentils, 1/4 hard boiled egg yolk, dinner– 2 teaspoons mashed potatoes, 6 New Zealand lamb meatballs, 4 lamb meatballs, 3 teaspoons baked apple, snacks – 2 tablespoons carrots, 1 tablespoons beets, 5 New Zealand lamb meatballs, lamb meat stock, 1 tablespoon rutabaga, 2 tablespoons carrots, 1 tablespoon beets, 2 New Zealand lamb meatballs and 1/4 of a yolk.

They insisted this wasn’t enough food because he didn’t gain weight over the prior three days. Since the parents were abiding by the orders, they were pushing foods that were generally not tolerated. This resulted in itching, red rash, crying, fussiness, irritation, anger, bloating, restlessness, and he began to stop sleeping from the hours of 1 am to 5 am. These responses grew to constant itching, the rash turned an angry purple and grew to cover most of his torso and he stopped sleeping. The child spent most of the day crying.

When the reactions were brought to the attention of the hospital staff and doctor, they said they weren’t concerned unless it was an anaphylactic reaction and specifically saying, “Food can’t cause these reactions. We are to ignore any reaction that isn’t anaphylactic.”

His regular food intake was easily tripled to appease the staff. Jessica was measuring every morsel of food, calculating every calorie which far exceeded 2,000 calories for the 6-year-old. Since he didn’t gain weight in the last three days they blamed the mother accusing her of refusing him food

DCS took custody of both boys two weeks after one was admitted to the hospital. The parents were still allowed to visit the son in the hospital but were required to leave while he ate. The first meal he was given from the hospital cafeteria “for more balanced nutrition” was a muffin and piece of sausage. After his dinner meal, the parents came back into his room and asked their son what he had for dinner which resulted in them getting kicked out of the hospital. They were escorted from the hospital by security, the husband was threatened to be put in handcuffs.

The parents were told they were taking custody of the boys due to medical neglect. They said the boys were in pain due to abuse from the parents. The mother was blamed of refusing him food, denying him food when he asked. She was accused of keeping him in pain since she said he doesn’t tolerate Tylenol. The mother was also accused of being argumentative because she continued to bring him food from home instead of allowing him to eat from the hospital cafeteria.

The hearing on this case will be held in two days. To express your concerns, fear of taking your own kids to a doctor and questions regarding this situation, call  Sarah Kramer at the DCS Field Office for Mesa, Arizona (480) 659-6364 are send an email to and call Sarah Mendez at 480-659-6648 regarding the twin boys Dylan and Kenan. If you have the time to make three calls, do the same with Cardon Children’s Medical Center (480) 412-5437. If this happens to them, it can happen to us. If we speak up offering our thoughts, they may let these children come back to their parents. An advocate has told the parents that this situation is becoming more and  more common and children are often held. She also said that parents usually receive a gag order for raising awareness. This is not a situation to sit by and see what happens, it’s a call to action. 

Click here to hear mom’s words on the situation.

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*Nourishing Plot is written by Becky Plotner, ND, traditional naturopath, CGP, D.PSc. who sees clients in Rossville, Georgia. She is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, through The American Naturopathic Medical Association and works as a Certified GAPS Practitioner who sees clients in her office, Skype and phone. She has been published in Wise Traditions, spoken at two Weston A. Price Conferences, Certified GAPS Practitioner Trainings, has been on many radio shows, television shows and writes for Nourishing Plot. Since her son was delivered from the effects of autism (Asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, bipolar disorder/manic depression, hypoglycemia and dyslexia, through food, she continued her education specializing in Leaky Gut and parasitology through Duke University, finishing with distinction. She is a Chapter Leader for The Weston A. Price Foundation.

“GAPS™ and Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ are the trademark and copyright of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. The right of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Patent and Designs Act 1988.



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11 Responses to Twin Boys Taken From Their Parents Due To Food Intolerances, Accusing “Neglect”

  1. Margot says:

    Can you post the last name? It will be difficult to call on their behalf without that. I hope they get their kids back.

  2. KDKH says:

    This is Horrifying. The parents should get lawyers to deal with Child protective services, there is so much that is not understood by popular culture. A lawyer may be able to educate them. Do the children have court appointment attorneys yet (guardian ad litems)?

  3. Alisha says:

    How sad and awful for these boys to suffer so much and the stress they all as a family must be going through right now. I am most certain that as they are eating foods that aggrivate the body and the added stress of this time away from their parents….no foster parent will be able to handle the sleepless nights, the pains, rashes and all the symptoms that this mother has worked so hard to address. I hope the state will do a real investigation to all the drs they have been to and see that there was answers to their luttle bodies doing well on organic whole foods and elimination diet.

  4. Candy says:

    Insane!! I hope they have lawyers that will chew this hospital up & spit them out! How negligent to feed them food they have allergies to causing continual suffering. Disgusting.

    These kids have more than likely been exposed to toxic mold 1000%. MCS, Mast cell, CIRS etc I’ve developed them all from toxic mold exposure in a rental home. I would guess their home & school has mold they’re being exposed to. Please check your home. 50-80% of the buildings in the US are water damaged. Positive thoughts & Prayers to them May this suffering for them all end very soon!

    • MEB says:

      Yes to all of this! Corn can be a huge trigger that goes unnoticed too. Doctors need to be more educated on all of this plus food allergies and intolerances. So many out there suffering from ailments liked these and going undiagnosed.

  5. Kelli says:

    Mold caused this! I’m 27 and I developed horrible food sensitivities, hives, stomach pain, bloating, after eating gluten and dairy and eggs. I ate those things my whole entire life until this past year. My home was inspected and toxic mold was everywhere. Black mold and other toxic molds like aspergillus
    were found. The mold caused my body to develop multiple issues!! Check home and school for mold!!

  6. Sandra says:

    That is absolutely deplorable. The parents are doing the right thing by their boys.

  7. Mia Nickels says:

    This screams G6PD deficiency. Have they been tested?

  8. brad says:

    Since most MDs (95%) have no training in biochemistry or nutrition – their appalling ignorance about the significance of food and chemical intakes on one’s biochemistry are to be expected. Unfortunately.
    Leaky gut – ghee has the MOST butyric acid of any known food – and it repairs the intestinal wall/lining. Our probiotics make this for this purpose.
    Personally in this situation, i’d try TRS – a detox system that is easy but expensive. Doesn’t re-deposit the heavy metals, metals, and other toxins back in the body in other places like most detox protocols do.
    When my finances clear up this month as long-term payments are finished – i’m going to do the TRS as is my wife.

  9. Bette Byrd says:

    I am a 70 year old who was diagnosed at 18 from Duke Univr. In the 60’s. Since at that time there was no treatment for MS so I put myself on vit complex B’s and a chiropractor and a healthy diet of fruits, veg and proteins and not much sugar. When I had an exaerbatuon I rested from time to time which lasted for sometimes 6 weeks otherwise I taught school and was fine. Then at 64 I was diagnosed with breast cancer after having a mammogram since I was 21 that said normal or so I assumed it was not normal and I had had it, they said, probably or 6 years or so. anyway after the bilateral mastectomy i tried having one chemo treatment and they dont use new medicines that you think the billion dealer industry is dev. No they used something they call the RED DEVIL OR THE RED DEATH. That right then should have been a red flag but I was scared and tried some of the side effects were lukemia and heart failure of which I had the heart failure and chose to quit all cancer treatments. that was back in 2009. The huge Universitie of Alabama Kirkland Clinic and and it large dept of environment put me on a cancer plant inhibiting study as i was not using chemical treatment.”HARVEST FOR HEALTH “ I grew my plants with seeds they sent me. Along with the organic soil,organic fertilizer, hose, shoves etc… grow boxes with wheels 20×25 which held at least 8 plants each. I was amazed that a huge cancer hospital wanting to see about good healthy plants that were preported to inhibit tumor growth etc.. so i had stage 4 cancer and had nothing to loose .. They wanted to see if plant nutrition was also a treatment for cancer and what it would do. It was so successful that the National Cancer Institute gave them multimillion again to do the study which hopefully will be in ever state with then next 10 years. I have stage 4 cancer and te one chemo treatment almost killed me it was so toxic and one finger nail still has not recovered but my cancer has not done anything it’s in the bone and just is scared over. NO chemical treatments just organic real foods, no processed foods and very little sugar and that was 2009 and it’s now 2018 and I am doing wonderful doing nothing but eating real food and taking no vitamins just many veg based nutrients and one probiotic. I take quite a few veg supplements too like Glutathione Reduced to clear my cells of the chemical toxins from that one chemo treatment and after you say you don’t want the chemotherapy and radiation poisons the drs treat you completely different very hostile ..they see their 25 thousand dollar drugs they give you stopping and they dont like it one bit. But I proved to myself with my friends who had BC who are long gone now because they took the deadly toxins and died. I have no trouble from my cancer and will continue to not eat junk or processed food with all the horrid toxin in them. I know if you won’t give your children chemotherapy when they have cancer DHR will take the children and force the treatments of chemo and radiation on them which usually kills the person and if not causes so many horrid things to go wrong in later year its amazing. From just that one CHEMO TREATMENT THEY TALKED ME INTO I lost my hair, nails, cracked many teeth, heart pump damage, lost my hearing, damaged my eyesight, gave me non diabetic neuropathy in legs feet and arms chest etc..Of course I found out they used these same exact old 1940’s chemicals, century old chemicals in mustard gas during the world wars to kill people.Its hard to believe in America that they are so backward that they not concentrate on healthy food are what you eat … but i came to fine out its all about makeing big MONEY. My MS from vaccines ..I started showing symptoms when I was just three. ,alapecia areata my son from vaccines, his hair came out at 3 1/2 . Now my grandchildren are not being vac and for sure not any to the daughter in laws get shots while pregnant and the babies get no new born vaccines. The babies are now heathy breast fed babies but theres only one Dr. in Birmingham AL.that will see the children who aren’t vac. Way too much kickback MONEY for the more vaccinations a doctor can give. We know now from reading the manufactures brochures all the horrid things they’re mixed with as fillers and all the horrid things they cause and I am ashamed for myself and my children that it never back then occurred to me to question the healthyness of those vaccines. I can’t believe in America they can take your children and force DEALY and DISABLING poisons on us and our children but they do and I would move somewhere before I would allow that ever again on myself or any of my family. The one chemotherapy was like drinking DRAINO and still living through it. I didnt even look human for months. So UAB Hospital in Birmingham AL saved me from dying with just cancer inhibiting organic home grown veg, fruits. Brocolli , onions, carrots, lettuce, cabbage,cauliflower, garlic, tomatoes, collards, kale, lemon thyme, basil, potatoes, ECT…. and the study was successful and I am doing wonderful 8+ years later with no other treatments but good nutricianal REAL healthy food. …..Bette Byrd…..Alabama
    Good luck to this mother with twins’s all about experimentation and MONEY. Please stand firm with your children..and GOD speed…

  10. RMM says:

    Agreed with someone else on here they could be reacting to mold in the school. I wonder which charter school they attended? My youngest has chronic illness and had very poor health while attending a charter school in Gilbert. I noticed there was always a sour smell there, especially in the gym area. He did so much better when we pulled him out and put him in public school. No more issues with attention in the classroom. We also found mold in our home and once we remediated alot of the health problems improved in all of us.

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