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The lymph system transports fluids through the body. These fluids are house cleaners, cleaning up infection. They pass through lymph nodes, which are stopping stations which filter these fluids. Instead of being pumped through the body, like the blood, lymph fluid is moved through lymph vessel contractions. Since the lymph fluids contain white blood cells, the special forces team which fights infection, carrying away bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells, if they stop moving through the system due to overloaded lymph nodes, they can cause a buildup of the infections, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

Keeping the lymph moving is necessary to good health. Many people today struggle with inflamed lymph nodes due to the high toxicity of our environment. This creates a subsequent overload on the lymph system. This can cause swelling of the lymph and negatively influence other functions of the body. There are over 1,000 lymph nodes in the intestinal tract alone. GAPS people need to be conscious of keeping the lymph moving. There are many methods to stimulate the lymph to drain the garbage. 

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Rebounding is an easy gently lymph message which can be done in spurts throughout the day. Mini trampolines can be purchased ultra quiet or for the price of taking the family to the movie. The trampoline can be set in the family room, in an area where the person and jump, jump, jump as they pass by several times a day. Some people report activity on the trampoline activates movements of the bowel. Use of the trampolene doesn’t need to be aggressive jumping in any way, as simply bouncing up and down shows effective. The feet don’t really need to leave the surface of the mat and can be very low-impact. Brisk walking falls in this same category.

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Lymph message can be done by yourself or a professional. The Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy reported a study using manual lymph drainage techniques on injured athletes concluding, “The strongest evidence from randomized controlled trials suggests that manual lymphatic drainage techniques may be efficacious in the resolution of enzyme serum levels associated with acute structural skeletal muscle cell damage as well as in the reduction of edema following wrist bone fracture of the distal radius and acute ankle sprain. However, based on CEBM standards for ranking the levels of evidence, there is currently an insufficient and inconsistent ensemble of evidence to support a grade of recommendation on which to establish clinical practice guidelines for the use of manual lymphatic drainage techniques in rehabilitating athletic injuries.” Click here to learn how to do self lymph drainage. 

Singing Nettles are known to drain the lymph naturally. It can be used in tea or tincture form using the leaves, stems and even the roots. Phytomedicine reported study of stinging nettle saying, “Lipophilic extracts of the roots, stems or leaves of stinging nettle may be more effective then traditional tinctures (water, methanol, ethanol) to undergo clinical evaluations for the treatment of inflammatory disorders including arthritis.” It can also be used as a medicinal tea, which shows to be most effective when steeped for 20 minutes. Nettles tea is more effective as hot tea instead of iced tea. Some report drinking the tea and immediately feeling draining. 

Inversion tables show great support for draining the lymph as the use of gravity naturally causes the contraction and release of the lymph which drains stagnation. 

Red light sauna and yoga are shown to support draining of the lymph. Yoga in a red light sauna utilizes two techniques at once. 

Lymphomax is a collection of lymph draining herbs which stimulate lymph activity. 

In Ayurvedic medicine, addressing the lymph is the first step to wellness. Manjistha powder is most often the first step in this process. Manjistha powder is known as a lymph mover and blood purifier. 

Dry Brushing is an Ayurvedic medicine tool for stimulating the lymph causing it to drain. In Dry Brushing, brushes like this are used in sweeping motions on the skin, in movements toward the heart. Some people are highly toxic in their lymph and report Dry Brushing makes them feel awful. Since Dry Brushing is known to stimulate the lymph to release stagnant toxins, the release, if too much, can cause the person to feel bad. Going slow is important. Some people report less cellulite due to Dry Brushing. 

*Nourishing Plot is written by Becky Plotner, ND, traditional naturopath, CGP, D.PSc. who sees clients in Rossville, Georgia. She works as a Certified GAPS Practitioner who sees clients in her office, Skype and phone. She has been published in Wise Traditions, spoken at two Weston A. Price Conferences, Certified GAPS Practitioner Trainings, has been on many radio shows, television shows and writes for Nourishing Plot. Since her son was delivered from the effects of autism (Asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, bipolar disorder/manic depression, hypoglycemia and dyslexia, through food, she continued her education specializing in Leaky Gut and parasitology through Duke University, finishing with distinction. She is a Chapter Leader for The Weston A. Price Foundation. [email protected]

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