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Many infections grow in the body sourced at problems with the teeth. The biggest culprits are old root canals, cavitations or wisdom teeth extractions. Each of these can contain deep infections that lead to chronic illness and autoimmune suppression.

Using a holistic dentist or a biological dentist is optimal in situations like this. 

Remineralizing cavities is possible and has been done by many people, including myself. Reading Cure Tooth Decay is a wonderful place to start. A nutrient dense diet is optimal, high in animal fats and meats that nourish. Cellular tissue salts number 1, 2 and 8 are optimal in this situation. 

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Biological dentists who rely on ozone therapy see great results. Ozone can be used rectally at home for those who do not live near an appropriate dentist. Machines like this can assist in the process at home. To read more click here. To watch an instructional video click here or here. 

Ozone is described as a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen. Pine trees emit extra oxygen. Hiking is a pine forest is beneficial as it’s a natural ozone environment. 

The Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine says, “Its effects are proven, consistent and with minimal side effects. Used to treat infections, wounds and multiple diseases, O3‘s effectiveness has been well-documented. It has been used to disinfect drinking water before the turn of the last century. Ozone was known to treat as many as 114 diseases. Ozone therapy has been in use since the 1800s”

They go on to say, “O3 was found to activate the antioxidant system affecting the level of glycemia. Ozone prevented oxidative stress by normalizing the organic peroxide levels by activating superoxide dismutase. Ozone was found to completely inactivate the HIV in vitro, this action of O3 was dose-dependent.”

Medical Gas Research says, ” This procedure sterilizes the dental lesions and allows the re-mineralization of the tooth. The procedure was invented and propagated by prof. Edward Lynch [132] and it was defined as ‘The revolution in Dentistry’.”

They go on to say four deaths have occurred from ozone therapy saying they were, “Due to direct intravenous administration of O2-O3, a practice prohibited since 1984. Ozone, generated extempore from medical oxygen, must be used immediately and represents about 3% of the gas mixture. Erythrocytes, after ozonization, maintain their usual life-span in the circulation.”

In Europe ozone therapy is commonly used. Hospitals in Russia, Ukraine and China commonly use ozone. It is referred to as inexpensive and can not be patented. 

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine says, “In the most hypoxic tumors, ozone therapy leads to an improvement in tissue pO2 for at least 48 h after the second session of therapy. Better results could probably be achieved using combined therapies, principally, techniques to increase blood oxygenation.”

The American Journal of Neuroradiology reported a study of 600 patients with herniated lumbar disks with nerve compression evidenced by CT or MR. They put 300 in one test group, 300 in the other. Both received a single shot of oxygen-ozone mixture, one group received an additional injection of corticosteroid and anesthetic. Six months later both groups showed over 70%  excellent or good outcome. The group with the extra shot of corticosteroid and anesthetic reported a 78% success.

The Redox Report: communications in free radical research reported testing of blood oxygenation and ozonation in sheep and humans showing, “The clinical experience gained so far confirms the great therapeutic potential of EBOO in patients with severe peripheral arterial disease, coronary disease, cholesterol embolism, severe dyslipidemia, Madelung disease, and sudden deafness of vascular origin.”

Using ozone rectally at home shows positive result for many health concerns, beneficial to supporting the body. A unit like this one can be used at home for many purposes. The videos linked above can help learn more. Ozone treatment in the mouth and jar area can be done at a biological dentist.

To find a biological dentist near year search

*Nourishing Plot is written by Becky Plotner, ND, traditional naturopath, CGP, D.PSc. who sees clients in Rossville, Georgia. She works as a Certified GAPS Practitioner who sees clients in her office, Skype and phone. She has been published in Wise Traditions, spoken at two Weston A. Price Conferences, Certified GAPS Practitioner Trainings, has been on many radio shows, television shows and writes for Nourishing Plot. Since her son was delivered from the effects of autism (Asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, bipolar disorder/manic depression, hypoglycemia and dyslexia, through food, she continued her education specializing in Leaky Gut and parasitology through Duke University, finishing with distinction. She is a Chapter Leader for The Weston A. Price Foundation. [email protected]

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