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A bile acid binder binds the bile secreted by the gallbladder and assists the elimination of the bile. This process is like an escort service for mold toxicity. It is considered a bile acid sequestrant.

Colestyramine or cholestyramine is sold by the names: Questran, Questran Light, Cholybar and Olestyr.

“The bile acid resins or sequestrants are the oldest and safest lipid lowering agents, but are less potent than other classes now available and are not always well tolerated.  The bile acid sequestrants are highly positively charged molecules that bind to the negatively charged bile acids in the intestine, inhibiting their lipid solubilizing activity and thus blocking cholesterol absorption,” says  The National Library of Medicine. “They also inhibit the reabsorption of bile acids (which is typically 95%) and thus cause a contraction of the bile acid pool which leads to increased bile acid synthesis that competes with cholesterol synthesis in the liver.”

For this reason Cholestyramine is approved by the FDA as a medication for lowering cholesterol.

Subsequently, it assists in mold toxicity removal as an off-label application meaning it is being used for something it wasn’t designed to do.

It’ is being use for the side effect.

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This is not uncommon in medicine. The most famous drug used off-label is Viagra, a drug originally put to market for heart disease, restricting the blood vessels in the heart. However, since it restricts blood vessels in other areas of the body also it’s side effect makes it more popular.

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Surviving Mold says, “Cholestyramine is not absorbed.  It helps you get better but it adds nothing to you.  All it does is take things away.”

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee, uses both coestyramine and activated charcoal together because they target different size particles accessing and removing a full range of toxins. 

The FDA has approved a dose of 9 grams of CSM, 4 times a day. It should only be used with a monitoring physician.

Questran is made from corn and wheat products which feed pathogens in the tract and cause severe problems for most people on GAPS. Constipation is a common side effect as a result. Questran Light is not recommended as it contains aspartame. 

Colestyramine is not just used for mold toxicity, it’s used with Lyme patients as well.

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker poineered the process. He says, “Colestyramine works well to remove toxins from a body.”

Cathryn Harbor, M.D. says, “Some people, identifiable through their HLA type, have immune systems lacking the capacity to inactivate biotoxins.   This means that the liver is doing the majority of the work involved in processing toxins.  These people have far more serious illness with Lyme or with mold exposure.   After being treated for Lyme they will not return to feeling well until the toxins are removed. ”

One unnamed user of the protocol says he uses the protocol, “The Shoemaker 11 Step Treatment Protocol because it works and because he has hundreds of patients who will attest to that! Most of those patients have seen 8-10 other doctors. Many have been to the Mayo Clinic or similar temples of modern medical diagnostic prowess and come away with no 9 diagnosis and no hope. Others have been misdiagnosed. Yet both groups find relief of symptoms, pain and disability by following the pyramid.”

For some the biggest challenge is not the pathogens it feeds it’s the cost at $800 a month.

Regardless, it is an option, a tool in the toolbox, for mold toxicity.

*Nourishing Plot is written by Becky Plotner, ND, traditional naturopath, GAPS who sees clients in Rossville, Georgia. She works as a Certified GAPS Practitioner who sees clients in her office, Skype and phone. Since her son was delivered from the effects of autism (Asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, bipolar disorder/manic depression, hypoglycemia and dyslexia through food she continued her education specializing in Leaky Gut and parasitology through Duke University, finishing with distinction. This is not a news article published by a paper trying to make money. This blog is put out by a mom who sees first hand the effects of nourishing food vs food-ish items. No company pays her for writing these blogs, she considers this a form of missionary work. It is her desire to scream it from the rooftops so that others don’t suffer from the damaging effect of today’s “food”.

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