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“There was an outbreak of infection, it was called Trench Fever. It killed over 90% of Napoleon’s troops. The infection was from the close neighborhood they had in the trenches. It traveled from one person to another. It wasn’t that they died from the cold, from the winter, Napoleon wasn’t that dumb,” says Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, functional medical doctor. (18:00) “They didn’t die from bullets, they died from infection.”

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The irony of the tale is one of the most humorous facts of all time – Samuel Hahnemann, a German, is considered the inventor of homeopathy. He lived at exactly the same time as Napoleon, who was in France. Even more ironic is Hahnemann married a French woman.

“Napoleon attacked Russia trying to conquer Russia. The Russian general was a homeopath, Kutuzov. Napoleon didn’t have a medical background, he ignored medicine. Kutuzov realized the infection. He had his soldiers pee in their drinking container,” Klinghardt said.

He had them make their own nosode.

They emptied the urine, “So that a little bit stuck on the walls, put water in, shake it up, empty it. Put water in, shake it up, empty it out, did that four, five times and then had the soldiers drink that water. (They) basically had a homeopathic dilution of their own urine.” Klinghardt continues, “Kutuzov only lost four percent of his soldiers, Napoleon over 90 percent.”

Mikhail Kutuzov used homeopathic practices. The first homeopathic doctor didn’t start practice in Russia until 1862. Hahnemann died in 1843.

This method is not recommended today, even by Klinghardt. He says, “Drinking it was a good idea when we lived in clean environments. It was a different thing living in cleaner environments.” Today we would recirculate DDT, antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals and other potentially dangerous toxins if we were to follow this plan.

Using a literate practitioner in this method is recommended.

Klinghardt explains using the assistance of a qualified practitioner. “In terms of treating autoimmunity it’s the only way to get through it. By finding the right dilution it becomes the antitoxin.”

For a basic overview and instructional starting place regarding homeopathy click here and here

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