courtesy of rajcreationzs

courtesy of rajcreationzs

“There’s a sound that’s the liver sound,” says Duane Law, LAC. When the liver is over taxed, toxins can not be eliminated from the body as desired. This build up can saturate the liver, slow its function and potentially lead to fatty liver.

Law is a licensed as acupuncturists who helps clients through supporting their mental and physical health using the tools of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

When the liver is overloaded the toxins back up into the lungs, the secondary detox organ.

One frequent sign of an overtaxed liver is coughing up phlegm out of the lungs first thing in the morning.

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The liver sound can be heard at different times involuntarily but Law says it’s also the sound a person can proactively make to clear stagnation themselves.

Law says, “It’s basically a shhhhhhhhhh,” as in a deflating tire with a deep tone, pushed firmly out of the body. “You know how people are sometimes frustrated they’ll go shhhhhhh like they’re frustrated? That’s the liver sound. This is the sound (a person) makes to move liver stagnation.”

photo courtesy of rajcreationzs

photo courtesy of rajcreationzs

Some people do this unknowingly. This happens much in the same way a yawn happens because the body wants more oxygen the shhhhhh sound is because the liver is trying to revive. 

Law says mild versions can be a sign, “That’s us instinctively moving some of that stagnant liver qi.”

A person can emphasize moving the stagnation by holding their body upright and pushing their hands away from the body in a steady motion as if pushing yourself away from a wall. As  you push your hands out force the shhhhhhhh sound  from your mouth. 

Law says, “You can even feel this sometimes in the liver if it gets bad enough. People will feel a restricted tense of energy, (similar to being) constipated. We now know that can be related to a problem with the microbiome, lack of motility.”

Anger, frustration, jealousy and envy are connected to liver stagnation according the the Universal Tao Center in Thailand. Physically the body produces more cholesterol, an imbalance of bile production becomes evident and the blood stagnates slowing down detoxing. 

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Duane Law, LAC spoke at an online conference June 26, 2015. 



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