IMAG2576It’s no secret organ meats are a champion in nutrient density. Their nutrient content is easily absorbed, especially for those with a damaged intestinal tract. Many nutritional deficiencies can be satisfied through organ meats. The problem is…. they’re organ meats.

This delectable dish goes against all understanding, defies reality and will even leave teenage boys begging for more. In fact, that’s happened on more than one occasion here.

THIS dish is a food you will not have to hide in meals – it shines right out in the open, proud to display its nutritional value!

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Bacon wrapped hearts are delicious, mouth watering and make the whole body tingle as it’s flooded with nourishment. It’s a true treat! More importantly this dish is about the easiest dish a girl can make!  Then when you consider the fact that three bacon wrapped hearts will satisfy your hunger for over 3 hours it’s a must have food.

A whole tray can be made as an appetizer dish literally in a few minutes prep time.

IMAG2570Finding chicken hearts from pastured chickens that have not been treated with antibiotics or other medicine is important. Chickens raised on pasture contain more vitamins and minerals satisfying the body with the nutritional support it needs. It is important to eat organ meats for regaining health, rotating different organs throughout the week.

Any heart will do, just cut it up into bite size pieces.

The hardest part is finding clean bacon where the pork has not been fed soy or other starchy grains. Pigs are very difficult to contain in a paddock making secure fencing expensive for acres of paddock space. If the fence is not secure, where the pigs can not root under the barrier, the fence is really more of a suggestion than a secure perimeter. They are much like dogs and often come back for their food but for safety reasons keeping them penned up tight causes most pig farmers to raise pigs in small paddocks or on a concrete floor inside a building. This is not optimal.

It is important to note a pig that is kept on plush green grass where he can forage for grubs and turn over the soil is so happy he won’t stop wagging his tail with delight. 

IMAG2572For optimal results find a local farmer who raises pastured pigs in the sunshine and supplements with fermented organic feed only. Using the pork belly, sliced thin and seasoned with mineral salt, pepper and local honey (optional) is best and the least amount of work. If that is not available bacon can be sourced from your local health food store but be careful of the sugar content. Finding prepackaged bacon without sugar is nearly impossible. Sugar feeds pathogens in the gut and not be tolerated, even in the tiniest amounts, if you have great gut damage. Health food store bacon is costly and often very thick which causes for a longer cooking time for this bacon wrapped hearts dish. Aldi carries a brand of bacon that we like to use on occasion called “Appleton Farms Never Any” which is uncured, $4/lb. It does contain a small amount of sugar.

This package from Whole Foods comes recommended by a reader – thanks Denise! 

The recipe is simple: wrap each heart with a slice of bacon. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes until done. Again, thicker bacon takes much longer.



Bacon Wrapped Hearts
An amazing appetizer or accent to any dish!
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  1. Pastured chicken hearts
  2. non-GMO fed, antibiotic free bacon
  1. Wrap one heart with one slice of bacon. Place on a pan with edges so bacon grease does not splash and drip down into the oven, cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Thicker sliced bacon takes much longer to cook.
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