Antibiotics are in our meats, our vegetables, our fruits and our milk, not just our medication. The function of antibiotics is to kill bacteria. However, antibiotics are indiscriminate and kill our beneficial flora also. In fact, decreased flora counts are being passed down from generation to generation with each subsequent age having less diversity, more allergies, autism and autoimmunity.

“The more the diversity the happier we will be. The less the diversity, the more we’ve killed off, the less the diversity the more trouble we will get from it,” says Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. (36:12)

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McBride is a medical doctor, neurologist and neurosurgeon but is most well known for her GAPS protocol which heals the intestinal tract rebuilding the pathogen load relieving the person from the symptoms of autism, bipolar disorder, autoimmunity and other diseases. 

Antibiotics kill our beneficial bacteria as well as our pathogenic bacteria. Rebuilding the flora due to antibiotic use is vital. However the question is presented frequently, “Do I take probiotics while I’m on antibiotics when the antibiotics are just going to kill the good bacteria anyway?”

Dr. McBride is considered the expert on rebuilding the gut. She says when it comes to administering probiotics while on antibiotics, “Start it right from the beginning. Continue taking it through the antibiotic period just not in the same mouthful, at different times during the day.” (35:50)



Repopulating the microbiome should not just come from capsules, it should come from food. Dr. McBride says, “Eat plenty of fermented foods. Drink kefir, eat yogurt, eat sauerkraut, make your fermented salads, make kvass.” (37:24)

She goes on to say, “When the course of antibiotics is finished continue taking the probiotics and eat a GAPS introduction diet. If you eat only (chicken meat stock) for a couple of days along with kefir and yogurt your gut flora will restore itself.” (37:50) 

These foods are very soothing and nutritious for the digestive system. 

The biggest problem could be the type of probiotic chosen to repopulate the gut. Many companies product probiotics with fillers, sweeteners, starches and anti-caking agents which all feed pathogens in the gut. Some companies put “prebiotics” in their probiotic capsules saying the prebiotic feeds the pathogens so the probiotic can kill them. Dr. Natasha says this is counterproductive and not advised. Many people with gut damage say probiotics with prebiotics cause great gut pain and further damage including bloating, gas, intestinal pains, diarrhea, etc. These are the very issues probiotics should be resolving not causing.

The best way to incorporate both prebiotics and probiotics is to add an apple to your home fermented sauerkraut.



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