Arsenic toxicity is currently being blamed on many illnesses including Asperger’s, brain fog, metal degeneration, exhaustion and cancers. Experts and specialists in their field speak out on how to relieve toxicity symptoms and prevent further progression of contamination. 

The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry says, “Arsenic exposure is mainly through diet and drinking water.”



Dr. Brian Udell is an medical doctor who practices behavioral pediatrics focusing on children with developmental disabilities including ADHD and Autism. He says, “Arsenic, a known carcinogen, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In the practice of developmental medicine, I am concerned about arsenic being related to immunodeficiency because so many of our children with ASD have autoimmune symptoms. Plus, we should be concerned about studies showing the effects of arsenic on intellectual function and psychologic changes in children exposed to the poison.”

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The Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry says symptoms of arsenic toxicity can be asymptomatic. They say, “Studies suggest that the use of vitamin A analogs (retinoids) may be useful in treating pre-cancerous arsenical keratoses.”

Clear here for a safe food form of vitamin A including EFAs and other fat solubile nutrients which benefit multiple deficiencies.



In regards to resolving the issue they go on to say, “Gut decontamination and hemodynamic stabilization are key factors in the initial management of acute arsenic intoxication. Significant improvement of symptoms and signs of chronic arsenic poisoning has been demonstrated in a prospective single blind, placebo-controlled trial with DMPS.” Click here for the leading gut healing protocol.

Andy Cutler says he has, “Reports on 3 out of 3 Asperger’s children who are apparently arsenic toxic as the root cause.”

Cutler is a research scientist and is considered the forerunner in the most effective forms of chelation. His protocol works with a frequent low dose regimen, specific to the person. His methods have been referred to as the safest and most complete resolution to metal toxicity. As a research scientist Ph.D, P.E., he himself suffered from amalgam toxicity and recovered his brain through what is now considered The Andy Cutler Protocol.

Click here to read more on Culter’s findings, protocol and research showing the directive. Following the protocol indirectly, depending on which heavy metals are present, can cause redistribution of metal and possibly permanent brain damage.

Arsenic is most commonly used in treated wood, preserving it for the outdoor elements. This arsenic leaches from the wood, some would say just as a person exhales, the wood exhales, excreting the toxin. 



Paul Francois La Porte, Ph.D. from The University of Chicago says, “In the 1980s, it was discovered that the alluvial sediments of the Ganges delta are highly contaminated by arsenic, particularly in the Holocene-era shallow aquifers that are tapped by the tubewells.” The rice crop, and other harvests, are subsequently contaminated with arsenic.”

India and West Bengal also ranked high in soil and water arsenic levels. In Britain the levels are high in dyes, smelting and medicines.

The FDA tested the arsenic levels of 1,300 rice and rice product samples and found rice (wild rice, carnarolit, mixed rice, parboiled, brown rice {which ranked the highest, double that of white short grain}, Jasmine and white rice of all sorts of grain), rice based pasta and confectionery treats top the charts. 

Cutler says arsenic can be eliminated through his ALA protocol. 

The concentration of arsenic in apples, and subsequently apple juice,  is shocking. 

The FDA says, “Some scientific studies have shown that two forms of organic arsenic found in apple juice, dimethylarsinic acid (DMA) and monomethylarsonic acid (MMA), may also be a health concern. The FDA has been testing for arsenic in apple juice and other fruit juices for decades as part of FDA programs that look for harmful substances in food. We continue to find the vast majority of apple juice tested to contain low levels of arsenic.”



The department determined an “action level” of arsenic, “To provide guidance to industry. The agency takes the action level into account when considering an enforcement action, if it finds a food product exceeds the threshold. 10 parts per billion (ppb) for inorganic arsenic in apple juice. This is the same level set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for arsenic in drinking water.”

The FDA says the source of arsenic toxicity is in our soil and water supply. “Arsenic-based pesticides were commonly used in United States agricultural production up until 1970, when more effective substances became available. As a result, trace levels of organic and inorganic forms of arsenic can be detected in some agricultural settings, which may lead to small amounts of arsenic in certain foods and beverages.”

Udell says, “DMSA (a chelating agent) has been used when toxic levels are present in the blood. Foods which are rich in sulfur are said to be helpful (I give my patients glutathione – a sulfur containing supplement), as are fiber-rich foods.”

Selenium is considered antagonistic to arsenic. They have similar chemical properties. In fact arsenic was used at one time in selenium toxicity of cattle. They appose each other, correcting the imbalance. 

The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry says, “Some epidemiological studies have found that Se (selenium) status can be negatively associated with cancer risk, and intervention studies have found that supplements/high Se intakes are effective in reducing mammary, prostate, lung, colon, and liver cancer risk.”

The most natural food source of selenium is found in Brazil nuts

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