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Fried liver makes some folks curl up their noses, but this treat is one even the picky eater will enjoy. 

First, remove any connective tissue from the liver. 

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Organ meats are highly nutritive. Some people think since liver is a filter organ it contains toxins, however, studies show it does not retain the toxins. This is similar to how people used a bladder or stomach as a wine skin – a simple washing with water and lemon juice, soaked for 4 hours, removes any potential byproducts. Some people do their “washing” in kefir, yogurt or raw milk.


Liver sourced from a grass-fed, grass-finished free ranging animal is optimal. Be aware of grass-fed beef that isn’t grass-fed, read more here. Our favorite is sheep or chicken livers, like these.


Slice liver, or cut with scissors, into edible-sized strips and soak one pound of liver in enough water to cover, add one tablespoon organic lemon juice and lightly stir to mix. Allow 4 hours to soak fully submerged. This will remove and “dry sandy taste.”

Place liver strips in 3 bug-eating-free-ranging eggs, stirred until smooth.

After the strips are bathed in the egg wash place in a shallow dish of almond flour like this one. Push liver into the almond flour and flip to be sure both sides are coated. Place strips into cast iron skillet with heated home rendered tallow, lard or unrefined coconut oil, like this one. Medium to medium heat is perfect, the strips of liver should cause the oil to bubble slightly when you put them in the oil.

Fry until sides have changed to a light tan color, roughly 5 minutes depending on your range-top. Flip. Repeat. 

Remove from heat and salt with mineral salt like this one. Believe it or not this dinner causes this family to throw elbows. There’s never leftovers.

Enjoy while warm!



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