One of my favorite meals is the almond veggie roll. It’s a raw treat that is filling, crunchy, sweet and satiating. One roll gives you energy and removes hunger, two of these rolls and you are set, three rolls and you don’t think about food for at least 4 hours.


Even my picky 13-year-old boy loves Almond Veggie Rolls, so much so that I keep them in the refrigerator as often I can so he can grab a snack or quick meal.

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Take a cabbage leaf or collard leaf and cut out the thickest part of the spine as it makes the wrap harder to chew. Cabbage leaves are sweeter (unless the collards have been through a frost), collards have a deeper taste but are easier to achieve in one piece with no rips or holes. Removing the cabbage leaf from the head is the hardest part of the process. This is easiest done by picking a large head that is loosely bound. It’s easier to remove the leaf in one piece by cutting the leaf close to the stem with a knife and pushing it gently away from the head. Peeling the leaf from the outer edge often ends in split leaves. If the leaf is difficult to remove it often helps putting a spoon gently under the leaf and lifting. 


Smear organic almond butter like this one down the center area or the long area of the leaf. Drizzle some raw unfiltered or local honey like this one on top.


Add organic baby spinach.


Add organic spring mix.



Fold in the sides.


Roll up long end to long end.


Each roll transports and holds in the refrigerator nicely.





For variety adding some home-brewed sauerkraut is fantastic! Click here to learn how to make your own probiotic sauerkraut. 


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