“Altering the structure of biochemistry (within the body) means things don’t work. Mercury binds self-hydrell, sulfur that still has its reactive electrons, a common active site for many biomolecules including enzymes, receptors, ion channels, transport proteins, cytochines, DNA and RNA transcription factors,” says Kris Homme, MPH, a retired engineer who suffered mercury toxicity from her amalgam fillings and turned to researching heavy metal toxicity and starting a new career as a science writer.

This means the mercury damages the pathways that take out the trash, the body’s detoxification pathways. This causes the mercury to remain in the tissues of the body shutting down normal functioning mechanisms. It displaces magnesium, selenium, zinc, copper and iron, essential minerals in the body which are also metals. When the cells grab ahold of toxic metals, mercury, lead, aluminum, the cells can not grab the essential minerals they require creating a deficiency in these minerals, even if the person is heavily supplementing these minerals.

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“Mercury destroys the tight junctions between the cells in the gut lining by activating destroying MMP (matrix metalaproteinase),” Homme says. This is the start of an altered microflora causing Intestinal Permeability which is damage of the gut lining. This is the beginning of auto-immune diseases. 



When the body is damaged in this manner the ability to repair is not only slowed it can potentially shut down entirely. 

“Mercury causes the loss of tubulan within the brain, axon loss found in sensory nerves which provide connectivity and integration for the brain. With mercury your brain is always “ON” and it doesn’t get enough rest,” Homme says. This “ON” feeling can result in many physical manifestations such as ADHD, cutting people off in conversations with a pronounced lack of self-control or sleep patterns.

This over stimulation is thought to lead to damage in the long-run. 

Mercury damages connective tissues in the body in this same manner leading to pain in the joints, feet, or anywhere else connective tissue exists. If the connective tissue gets a lot of use, like the feet, symptoms of pain and tenderness is prevalent.

Andy Cutler, a specialist in mercury toxicity, studies the effects and elimination of mercury toxicity through following the half-life of chelators. As a PhD and PE he suffered mercury toxicity from his amalgam fillings and began studying, testing and sharing his results. His book Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment : What You Can Do to Get Better, won the Amazon Editors’ Favorite Book Of The Year Award for 2014.

Click here to read further from Andy Cutler’s findings. 



“Mercury inhibits methylation which is a biochemical process that affects the production of many hormones and neurotransmitters. Mercury blocks the methionine cynthase enzyme and blocks other enzymes affecting folate,” she says. “Mercury is known to concentrate in certain glands including the thyroid and pituitary glands. There mercury blocks the enzyme that blocks the enzyme that converts. T4 to T3. Your mercury burden is a chronic stressor that seems to provoke symptoms of adrenal fatigue.”

The methylation processes are directly linked to sex drive, hormone balance and production, histamine responses, thyroid function and adrenal responses, the body’s mechanism for fight or flight and the ability to handle stress.



PubMed published a study with Ann Somers et al saying mercury alters the gut flora. It poisons good bacteria leaving the host with mercury resistant bacteria.

Homme says, “It blocks the DPT4 that are needed to digest gluten and casein. It also suppresses the parasympathetic system in the body, stripping the balance and leaving the person with a wired and tired effect.”


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