Constipation and diarrhea have the same root source, pathogen overgrowth in the bowel according to McBride. However, each are handled differently, both require diligent attention as they are not healthy. Diarrhea usually heals faster than constipation and generally doesn’t resurface as readily as constipation. Many practitioners say diarrhea and constipation are opposite ends of the spectrum reflective of the same imbalance in the microbiome.

If diarrhea is the challenge, McBride recommends eating raw yogurt sourced from whole milk.
If yogurt is not tolerated follow the dairy introduction protocol to rebuild the enzymes and microbes so that dairy is digested properly. This begins with organic ghee, home-brewed and strained whey, pastured butter, home-brewed sour cream and home-brewed yogurt then home-brewed kefir. 
Constipation is a much more complex issue. 
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Normal evacuation should take place daily, optimally two to three times a day. If movements happen every third

day, transit time is too slow.

McBride recommends beginning with Full GAPS if constipation is the issue, not the introductory stages (20:00). 
This enables ample doses of high fat dairy, fiber, lots of animal fats and copious amounts of fermented vegetables, as tolerated. From there, after several months of feeding, detoxing and cleansing on Full GAPS, the individual can determine if they progress into the introductory stages. 
High fat dairy is one of the best options for lubricating the bowel as well as gently squeezing the gallbladder causing it to release lubricating bile which assists transit time. Selecting gelatinous meats instead of muscle meats will help resolve the problem at the core, healing the intestinal lining. Gelatinous meats are the cuts of meat next to the bone. Muscle meats are further away from the bone and are more fibrous making them more difficult to digest.
When things are not moving, when the back door is sealed up tight, there are many tools which are effective. It is very important to keep the stool moving. When transit time is too slow, compaction often results. When matter sits in the bowel it leaches toxins back into the body, in this case people recycle their own toxins.

Enemas were long ago brushed under the rug as non-negotiable and disgusting. The thought repulses many, however, historically, there was nothing better for daily healthcare. Enemas were a regularly documented health practice c. 1600 BC. They were common among the aristocracy in the early 1500s. King Louis XIV was famous for loving his enema, was nicknamed The Enema King and was documented as doing thousands of enemas throughout his lifetime. He even did them while in meetings with advisers and assistants, lounging on his day bed in full work-mode while fully engaging in a good back-door cleansing enema.

Enema kits, as well as disposable bags, can be purchased online while Fleet enema bottles can be used for children. Fleet enemas come filled with liquid which is best discarded, the bottle washed thoroughly with sterilized and cooled water before you refill it for use. The desired method for an adult is to first cleanse the bowel with one liter of filtered water brought to a boil with one teaspoon baking soda and one teaspoon mineral salt. Allow this mixture to cool before adding to your enema bag. After boiling, the pan will cool faster if you set it in an ice water bath. Add the liquid to an enema bag using home-brewed sour cream or coconut oil as a lubricant for the tube.
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Coffee enemas should be administered after the cleansing enema. To prepare the coffee enema add three tablespoons organic fresh ground coffee to the liter of water. The optimal coffee brand is recommended by Gerson however simply organic coffee is the next best option. Tie the coffee grounds into a coffee filter with string or strain well before adding to the enema bag being sure the liquid is coffee, not cowboy coffee (coffee with the grounds in the water). Bring this to a boil for two minutes then turn the heat off and cover tightly for 15 minutes. Cool and administer in the same method as the cleansing enema.
It is highly beneficial to add probiotics to the water once it has cooled. This can be done with kraut juice, starting with 1/4 teaspoon for extremely sensitive people, 1 teaspoon for others and building up from there. Look for die off to determine your tolerable amount. Other options are adding a probiotic capsule, kefir or yogurt to the cooled water. This method adds essential probiotics directly to the source of the pathogens.

Drinking coffee causes caffeine to go directly into the bloodstream, giving you a caffeine high. Coffee through an enema has a completely different result, absorbing through the bowel wall and going to the liver. This causes the liver to hiccup. This hiccup flushes toxins from the liver.

It is best to walk around, doing household chores, for a couple of hours after the enema. This will help clear the passageway. Some people feel the need to use the toilet again not long after the cleaning treatment and experience evacuation of worms, yeast colonies or biofilms. This is normal and evidence that the body is doing what it was designed to do.
Enema cleansing was a common practice up until the 1940s and 1950s. At that time every household had an enema bag hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Today noses are snubbed at the practice.
Castor oil packs placed on the abdomen can help soften the stool. Some people choose to saturate a washcloth with castor oil and lay it on the intestinal area then lay a heating pad on top, on low, or use a warm towel then go to sleep. Upon waking things are moving as they should. 
Magnesium sprayed topically can show the same effects. Magnesium chloride flakes and salts, like most ingredients on the market today, are often treated with chemicals, free-flowing agents and other additives that should not be place on the skin or in the mouth. Click here for a clean form of magnesium flakes that does not feed pathogens.

Taking magnesium internally has shown to lower blood pressure, alleviate restless leg syndrome, calm hyperactivity, joint pain, muscle pain and many other symptoms. Stress, exercise and sweating deplete magnesium stores. Click here for a GAPS approved, highly absorbable form of magnesium.

One of the easiest ways to lubricate the bowel is the get the gallbladder moving through GAPS shakes made up of fresh pressed green vegetables, a little bit of beet with optional sour apple or pineapple to taste. Press these ingredients into juice, through a juicer, and consume within 30 minutes of juicing as the nutritional content diminishes with time. Before drinking add in one to two raw pastured yolks and a large dollop of home-brewed sour cream. This combination has many beneficial aspects. It is high in magnesium as the center molecule of chlorophyll is magnesium in its highest absorbable form. Chlorophyll is what makes green vegetables green. Juicing greens macrobiotically thrusts magnesium into the cells of the body.

Suppositories can be used in emergency situations and should not be used regularly.


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