“I now realize the docs that were rep friendly, loved the reps coming in- I don’t know if I’d go see them. I have a new respect for those doctors that didn’t want drug reps in their office,” says Blair Hamrick in Jeff Hays‘documentary Bought. Hamrick is a former executive pharmaceutical sales representative for Glaxosmithkline who exposed fraudulent activity of Big Pharm in a court case resulting in a $3 billion settlement.

Hays also produced the documentary Doctored: The Film the AMA Does Not Want You to See another informative eye opener to the world of medicine. Doctored covers the underlying “influencers” you experience at the doctor’s office along with an investigation that goes all the way to the AMA exposing these tactics. Both documentaries are a must see. 

Hamrick says the education the drug reps get is what pushes the doctors to lean toward those drugs. He says, “You gotta think these guys have four-year degrees, public relations, media, whatever – but they’re not scientists. They’re given these three-week crash courses, they’re told exactly, verbatim, what to say. It’s always about more money.”

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Hamrick became a whistle-blower when he saw the drug company selling drugs to children, off label, when the drug was meant for people 18 years old or above. He says he asked the wrong question and found his job compromised. That was when he became a whistle-blower. He says, “The question was, ‘hey, is this legal?’.”

The connection between selling drugs, schmoozing doctors and making money is riddled with fraud and deception.

When the court case was settled, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz announced the settlement with pharmaceutical company Glaxosmithkline on C-SPAN. She said, “GSK sales force bribed physicians to prescribe GSK products using every imaginable form of high-priced entertainment.”

The bribes included dinner meetings, spa programs, five-star restaurant meals and lavish weekend conferences to resorts in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Attorney General James Cole said it was a historic resolution.

Click here for the court papers.

Dr. Tami Meraglia says clinical trials on pharmaceuticals are no longer useful for doctors. She says, “In the 1950s and the 1960s, clinical trials were based on science. There was not funding from pharmaceutical companies. Marketing and PR companies were not involved. It was academic centers evaluating poisons used to treat diseases. That’s not the case anymore.”

Meraglia, M.D., who specializes in integrative medicine said, “Today the guidelines are used in order to promote the use of drugs for everyone. The drug companies don’t look at the success rates of the cure of the condition, they’re looking at their dollar amount.”

She says their analysis is based upon, “If the segment of the population that was the treatment target isn’t giving them enough profit then they expand the target market.”

Dr. Suzanne Humphries says, “We’re not taught about what’s in vaccines in medical school. We’re really not taught anything about the downside of vaccines in medical school. We’re given the schedule, told when they’re due and we administer them. It wasn’t until later in my career until I began asking questions.”

Humphries is an internist, a nephrologist and author of Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History, “I saw three patients brought into the hospital with acute kidney failure. They weren’t making urine and they required immediate dialysis. They had just weeks to months before had perfectly normal kidney function. Two out of three of them volunteered to me ‘I was fine until I had that vaccine’.”

She was concerned and took precautions. Humphries said, “I talked to the administration of the hospital but instead of them wanting to know they actively rapidly refuted any potential correlation between the vaccine and the kidney failure.”

Humphries says in her book, “I have long had an intuitive distaste for vaccines. During my medical residency I saw many autoimmune diseases and silently wondered if the vaccines could be playing a role.”

The connection between autism and vaccinations is evident. In 1975 one in 5,000 had autism. At that time 23 doses of 7 vaccines were administered. In 2014 the rate was one child in every 68 had autism with 69 doses of 16 different vaccines starting immediately at birth. The CDC recommends these vaccinations. We have tripled the quantity of vaccines in 30 years. 

Dr. Gayle DeLong is a parent of two autistic girls. As a mom on a mission she began searching for answers and found the conflict of interest between pharmaceutical companies and the reporting research remarkable.

DeLong holds a Ph.D. in International Business & Finance. Her findings were published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health where she said, “One of those triggers (of autism) might be the battery of vaccinations that young children receive. The results suggest that although mercury has been removed from many vaccines, other culprits may link vaccines to autism.”

PubMed reported, “Sponsors of research have competing interests that may impede the objective study of vaccine side effects. Vaccine manufacturers, health officials, and medical journals may have financial and bureaucratic reasons for not wanting to acknowledge the risks of vaccines. Conversely, some advocacy groups may have legislative and financial reasons to sponsor research that finds risks in vaccines.”

Meanwhile the CDC says, “Over the years, some people have been concerned that autism might be linked to the vaccines children receive. Concerns have related to different aspects of vaccines, including vaccine ingredients. Evidence from several studies examining trends in vaccine use and changes in autism in children does not support such an association between thimerosal and autism.”

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, autism specialist, says she does not believe autism is caused by vaccinations. Instead she clinically sees confirmation that autism is a direct result of Intestinal Permeability, leaky gut. Once the intestinal tract is leaky the mercury or aluminum from the vaccination leaches through the gut wall and has a negative impact on the person’s brain and body function. Specifically the heavy metals in the vaccination has a long-term negative effect after it has leaked through the gut wall.

dr natashaMcBride, M.D., neurologist, neurosurgeon and mother of an autistic child says in her GAPS protocol sealing and healing the gut while building the good flora is the solution. Clinically she has seen it happen thousands upon thousands of times. Her warning to parents is to look for potential signs of Intestinal Permeability before getting the child vaccinated. 

McBride says never take a child for vaccinations if they are ill or unwell in any way.

DeLong says the conflict of interest between the pharmaceutical companies and the CDC will prevent any real findings to be resolved. She says, “The pharmaceutical companies’ offering very nice jobs to CDC officials. Even the research that is done, the researchers, many of them, work for pharmaceutical companies.”

Specifically her beliefs are connected to the pattern she saw in her autistic daughters, “I’m not saying vaccines cause autism, I’m saying there’s an association in developing autism.”

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