Gargling with kombucha is a deeper method of cleansing the membranes from potential pathogens, parasites and excess mucus. The method is simple: take a good sized drink of (preferably) home brewed kombucha, tilt your head back and forcefully gargle until your are out of breath, tilt your head forward, inhale (be careful to not swallow or spit) gargle, inhale, gargle, spit.



Some people believe the expelled contents are parasites and worms. My personal beliefs are it’s mucus.

Following the same process with water leaves no result. This sample below was done with clear water immediately after the kombucha gargle. 

IMAG0954Immediately following the water gargle, I used the same pattern, gargle, inhale, gargle, inhale, gargle, spit with another dose of kombucha. This was the results: 



No studies have been done on this method, this is purely a trial and error method of cleansing. Post below any results you experience or thoughts you have regarding this process. Together we learn. 

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One Response to Gargling With Kombucha To Clean The Mucus Membranes

  1. Susan says:

    Is it possible that this is the residue from home-brewed kombucha? It looks like the same thing I find floating in my jars. Perhaps the action of gargling separates it further? Just a thought….

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