Fermented coconut water is one of the easiest probiotic drinks to make. It’s also one of the best candida fighters on the market. If you’re not up to the adventure, or you just want to see how much money you’re going to save, click here to buy fermented coconut water. 

Start by buying a fresh coconut for coconut water. The best option would be to pick a coconut from the tree yourself. Store bought coconuts are sometimes sprayed with a layer of formaldehyde to keep the coconut from spoiling while shipping. This is by no means acceptable, formaldehyde will not nourish you body in any way. 

You are drilling a hole through this layer. Watch for sensitivities and consider this fact if reactions other than die off exist.

In the past GAPS has followed the protocol of NOT using prepared packaged coconut water like this one,or this one as they are pasteurized and dead food. If you have not access to real coconut water Dr. Natasha has recently said using packaged coconut water with no added ingredients can be use. It is not optimal but can be used. Only use a fresh coconut. Coconuts grow as small green balls that advance in size until they are full grown. As full grown green coconuts they are filled with coconut water and a thin layer of “coconut pudding” on the side wall of the nut. As the coconut matures the outer copra turns brown while the water inside the coconut turns into coconut meat. This meat is shredded creating coconut flakes, which we buy in bags at the store. Left to further grow all the water inside the coconut goes toward growing a tree by creating a spongey layer on the side of the coconut meat. this sponge layer is a delicacy. When this happens roots sprout out of two of the eyes on the nut while a sprout grows from the third eye. This sprout will become a new palm tree.  

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Remove the plastic wrap coating. Drill two holes into the top of the coconut.


Invert the coconut over a glass to drain. 


Some particles of coconut will fall into the glass which is not concerning.


Open one of your favorite probiotic capsules and add it to the coconut water. Stir, let sit on the counter  for 3-12 days depending on the temperature in your room, or until your desired fermented flavor. Click here for a list of probiotics that do not contain ingredients that feed pathogens. Kefir grains added to the coconut water create different strains which are also highly beneficial.




Fermented coconut water can be made by using a probiotic capsule or by using kefir grains. Both work well, each with different probiotic strains. 

Be very careful using probiotics. They are not to be used highhandedly. Click here to learn the best way to take probiotics so that you are not wasting your money.

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