The crock pot is probably the best invention ever made for a busy mom. That is, of course, until it starts silently making you sick. You’ll never taste it and you’ll never smell it but if you have been eating it, it will cause damage to your body in potentially many forms: cancer, heavy metal toxicity, Alzheimer’s and more.

Currently there is one crock pot that appears to be safe. This product, linked below, is ranking off the charts by some of the most strict foodies. 

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The FDA says a food vessel is unsuitable for food and do not use if, “A hole is bored through the potential food-contact surface.” To read the FDA guidelines on lead guidelines click here.

As a consumer you sadly need to become a detective before purchasing many food related products. These guidelines can help. Scroll to the bottom for the current information on the best rated options. Many people say Hamilton Beach Crock Pots are a good lead-free option, however the Material Safety Data Sheet may surprise you, and inform otherwise.

Obtain the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) data from the manufacturer. Different countries have different rules regarding what the MSDS must contain. Many require information on the individual product: hazardous ingredients, fire and explosion information, information on any potential chemical instability including potential products that could cause a contact reaction and toxicological properties that potentially cause ill health. This sheet is different for each individual product.

Teflon coating, like this one (which frankly, without the Teflon coating could be the best product around) contains heavy metal poisoning that damages health. In addition, over time, the coating is known to flake off and become part of your food, which you eat. Click here to read more on the dangers of Teflon coating.

Heat and time are both contributing factors to leaching. The crock pot uses both.

Many enamel coatings contain lead. Lead is a toxic heavy metal that builds up in the body and has been directly linked to autism, behavioral problems, mental disabilities and degenerative brain function. “Lead will replace calcium, for example, cadmium will replace zinc, and aluminum and nickel will replace magnesium and manganese. These substitutions will allow a certain degree of vital enzyme function, but in time lead to physiological dysfunction,” says the WAP Foundation.

These toxins build up in the body over time causing organs to malfunction, overburdens phagocytosis and makes a person sick. Phagocytosis is the process in which the body literally gobbles up foreign matter. Click here to watch a quick video of phagocytosis in action. Click here to watch this “microscopic police force” actually chase after foreign matter in an effort to eradicate its presence. Toxic chemicals within the cookware can leach into the food leaving the user with toxicity that does not leave the body until it is proactively chelated. Chelation, by definition, bonds central metal atoms at two, or more points. The word chelate come from the Greek word chele meaning claw as it grabs heavy metal toxins like a crab’s claw, not letting go.

Many people say Hamilton Beach crock pots do not leach lead and passed the lead swab test, an over the counter tester that when rubbed against a product like a crock pot for 30 seconds will turn red if it contains lead. Click here to see the swab testers. Holistic Squid did this test at home with no lead testing on two Hamilton Beach crock pots, then tested miscellaneous items around her house where the swab immediately turned red once it hit her leaded glass window.

Currently the Insta Pot, with a stainless steel bowl, is rated the best, can be used to saute vegetables and it doubles as a pressure cooker. Most importantly it does not contain these toxins. Click here to see the Insta Pot. Click here for a video on how to use the Insta Pot as a crock pot.

{This post contains affiliate links which pay for this site}.

Chantal currently show to be naturally enameled, creating a more non-stick surface. Click here to see a Chantal pan. Click here for a pot.

One of the most common dangers of chemical leaching comes from to go coffee lids, specifically disposable ones. Click here for

one of the top rated to go coffee cups, also Chantal. Plastic chemicals specifically leach into food when they come in contact with acidic or hot items, coffee is both. Click here to read more.

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