Changing the gut microbiome is the foundation to health that controls illness, can change yeast overgrowth and recover autism says Donna Gates, author of Body Ecology Diet, a fermented foods specialist with a focus on healing candida and adrenal issues. “The microbes in the gut make you crave certain foods. They make you have anxiety. They make you have depression. If they’re bad pathogens they’re causing inflammation.”

When this inflammation happens it opens up the membrane in the gut lining, a very thin layer, allowing pathogens to pass through and access the brain. If the vagus nerve gets cut the intestinal tract will continue to function however the brain will suffer from depression, anxiety, nervousness and worse –  suicide.

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Emotional behavior is not necessarily the first response. Usually it’s precluded with signs like gas and bloating. Looking for warning signs and feeding the gut with beneficial bacteria through fermented foods will have the most beneficial impact.

Many factors cause damage.

Gates says, “Gluten is one of these substances that tears up the gut. You can be tested to see if you have the particular genes that say you have celiac disease.” However she says this is not always the case, that people are reacting even though it doesn’t show up on tests. Gluten, she says, “Is not a good protein to put in your body.”

A good test method can be done in the privacy of your own home. Gates says, “The best way to test is drop it out of your diet. Flour is never good for the gut, ever. Drop it out of your diet for a number of weeks then go eat it and see how you feel.”

In addition to dropping gluten remove problematic foods that cause pathogenic growth. Sugar and grains are usually the two primary culprits.

Gates says, “I work with a colon therapist in LA who has done over 30,000 colonics. He has a little camera so if something comes out of people he captures that.”

The most common thing he sees is parasites. Gates says, “He has thousands and thousands of pictures, everybody has them.” More interesting is there are patterns with these parasites and bacteria.

“When they’re ready to come out at the bottom of the colon the person’s in a horrible mood, I mean they could kill anybody that walks in front of them. The minute that parasite comes out, or that group of parasites, often there’s a clunk of them in a biofilm, they’re instantly changed into this nice person again. There’s absolutely no doubt parasites are making a difference,” she says.

She says these are found with people who have recurrent yeast issues as well as in those with adrenal issues. Once the pathogens and parasites are removed the healing can begin.

Removing the problematic foods, sugar and gluten while adding in fermented foods is vital to reestablishing the inner ecosystem, Gates says. This microbiome is the basis of our health and is always in the process of developing. Yeasts, parasites, and pathogens have diversity and community that function together. Probiotic foods cleanse and reestablish the proper environment.

The best diet to maintain balance is one that contains good fats, pastured animal meats, wild caught fish and plenty of organic vegetables along with a vast array of fermented vegetables and fermented coconut water. Too much of something can throw off the microbiome the very same way too little can throw the balance.

“If you eat a high fat diet, even good fats like butter, cream, ghee and olive oil, it destroys the bacteria too. It destroys the bifidus bacteria then another bacteria called wadsworthia flames up. Wadsworthia, inflames the gut wall and causes Leaky Gut. That comes from eating a high saturated fat diet. It’s about balance,” Gates says.

This statement is contradictory to what Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride says when it come to healing Leaky Gut. She says the more healthy fat you eat the faster your gut heals, especially pastured animal fat. Dr. McBride has seen success with this protocol in hundreds of thousands of her patients, specifically those with the most damaged guts. The reason, she says, is because their guts are so damaged they can not digest fiber, or little else. When they eat clean animal fats it’s easy to digest as the molecular structure is very similar to the human body’s molecular structure. These fats are nourishment for the most damaged guts.

Including extra probiotic foods if you are incorporating a higher fat diet is vital to establishing a healthy microbiome. Click here to learn more. If you are unable to make your own probiotic foods at the beginning purchasing therapeutic grade probiotics is essential, like this one or this one. Click here for a list of the best rated probiotics that contain no fillers that feed pathogens. 

Gates says scientists have created germ free mice which are removed from their mother when they are born, no bacteria is placed into their gut, they do not receive mother’s breast milk. She says the results are remarkable. They are very slender, they never get obese yet they are very unhealthy. In fact they die because they do not have an immune system foundation in their gut.

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