Women suffer from autoimmune diseases more than men at a ratio of 8 to 1. Some doctors believe this is because of embryonic processes, others believe it’s because women have two X chromosomes.

“Thyroid is the fastest increasing type of cancer in America today. Autoimmune diseases of all types are rapidly on the rise, thyroid disease, unfortunately, is really leading that,” says Dr. Alan Christianson, natropathic physician with a focus in endocrinology.

Historically thyroid issues were linked to patients who had a family history of thyroid disease or limited to women going through menopause.

“Now we’re seeing both genders, all ages, not related to family history,” Dr. Christianson says.

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He believes thyroid issues are brought on by susceptibility through family history triggered by environmental stressors. If you have more of a family history it doesn’t take much environmental stress to trigger a problem.


Dr. Christainson says, “The rises correlate with exposures to certain triggers. There’s about 300 toxins that are documented to be triggers right now. We see areas that have the least regulation with what goes in their drinking water, they’ll have astronomical rates of thyroid disease early in life, precocious puberty and many hormonally sensitive cancers. Triggers are well documented.”

Overexposure to halides: chlorine, fluoride and bromine, being absorbed through the skin as well as taken internally, is creating a toxic overload. These elements are in our water supply, bread, house dust, everywhere. Natural chelation will  assist the body with elimination but adding iodine to your water will have the most impact says Dr. David Brownstein, holistic practitioner.

Dr. Brownstein recommends adding one or two drops of iodine to your drinking water. Click here for the product he recommends. One drop contains 6 mg of iodine. Dr. Brownstein says taking 4-6 drops a day creates a remarkable change in how the thyroid functions as well as detoxing bromine, chlorine and fluoride. Iodine works best if taken with minerals (like this one), magnesium (like this one which is recommended as highly absorbable even for those with Leaky Gut) and selenium .

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Detox symptoms usually last about a day or two pending on the person. Symptoms generally seen are anger, frustration, irritation, swollen allergy eyes, exhaustion, malaise and a general feeling of unwell.

Some people who have thyroid antibodies have an increase in antibodies when they add iodine to their regime. It is this author’s opinion this is related to an organic Sodium deficiency. The best way to increase organic Sodium is through fresh pressed juice from organic celery which much be taken in balance with Potassium, preferably from fresh pressed organic carrots. Click here for fresh pressing methods.

Several factors go hand in hand. Dr. Christianson adds, “It’s a combination of the genes, the triggers and then some immune stresser. That is a group that is on the rise as well. Airborne allergies, dietary allergies, dietary intolerances, low grade infections, the more stressed our immune systems are the more apt they are to attack a toxic polluted thyroid.”

This is an autoimmune disease, where the body attacks itself. Healing takes place slowly by eliminating the attack process, feeding the body nutritionally dense vegetables as well as therapeutic grade probiotics (like this affiliate one) and fermented foods (click here to read more).

In his book Healing Hashimoto’s: A Savvy Patient’s Guide (affiliate link) Dr. Christianson says, “With Hashimoto’s you have an alteration in hormone production, an immune disease, and structural problems with the thyroid.”

He explains the necessity of iodine and how uptaking iodine by the thyroid uptaking fuels the gland. Problems arise when there is insufficient iodine for the thyroid to use. He says, “Many wastes circulating in our bodies are chemically like iodine. They can also be trapped in this pump and brought up inside the gland, which is one of the reasons that the thyroid gland can get diseased.”

Thyroid disease was one of the first diseases for the medical community as a whole. Goiter, a growth in and of the thryoid, was determined to be a deficiency of iodine in the thyroid.

Dr. Christianson says, “When there is not enough iodine the gland is not putting out adequate hormone and that causes the pituitary to secrete more TSH. Because not enough hormone is coming out, even after the TSH elevates, the gland merely increases in size, which is the best it can do to compensate.”

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