America is the only country that doesn’t think they have worms and parasites, yet everyone that proactively eradicates them, sees evidence of existence as well as their demise. 

Alex Volinsky, a professor and Electron Microscopist, proactively did a parasite cleanse with a zapper and a sauna. As a result he became very ill, however, he then passed a three-foot-long worm. He submitted his findings to a scientific paper and was told they couldn’t publish the findings as there was no evidence, no scientific proof that it was a parasite. The editor requested electron microscopy and a DNA test.

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Which, as an Electron Microscopist, Professor Volinsky performed both in the United States and in China. He said, “I would say the results were inconclusive. One test showed human DNA, and the other test showed human pseudo-gene which is not used by the human body. At the same time there was a match with a seed bug. Nobody knows what it is. It’s definitely some feature of the human anatomy

He found another Russian, Nikolai Gubarev, to continue researching with his findings. Five different stages of the organism were identified. Volinsky says, “It’s some feature of the human anatomy. This organism definitely has a cellular structure, you can clearly see that under the microscope or you can stain the cells to see the DNA.”

Science Based Medicine says, “They have never yet found a single patient who didn’t have these parasites.”

His findings were published with an unexpected yet shocking result.

Following the publication Volinsky received 141 contacts by strangers wanting to tell him they had similar findings.

Volinsky found the pattern that people who did oxydative studies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone treatments, hydrogen peroxide treatments or chlorine dioxide showed similar results. 

The current theory is the worm feeds off of fecal content in the bowel and moves through released gases from the micro-channels viewed under the microscope. “It twists like a mop trying to squeeze the nutrients out of the humus in the intestinal tract.”

Doctors refer to this type of thing as mucosal lymphoid tissue.

Dr. Hiromi Shinya, from Japan, developed the colonoscopy in 1968 and then a year later developed a snare devise for colonic polypectomy. Through performing over 300,000 colonic examinations Dr. Shinya says there is a definite relationship to disease and the state of the colon saying the connection is linked to what the patient eats. His recommended diet is plant based with Kangen water, a filtering device that produces ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis – 3 quarts daily. Click here to read more.

To view a colonoscopy showing parasites and worms actively swimming in the mucosal lining of the intestinal tract click here. Take note that colonoscopy preparation includes complete evacuation of the colon through enemas rectally as well as orally. However, these worms are still there visible to the naked eye, attached to the intestinal lining itself.

Testing for parasites or worms does not always prove to be the answer as the tests only test for certain worms and parasites, not all varieties. Many people test free of parasites and worm while seeing them. Click here to read more. 

Paul Chek, a specialist in the parasite and worm eradication community, says each species has the ability to change form, adapting to their environment, enabling them to survive harsh conditions. This adaptation makes their elimination difficult for certain cases since when pressed the worms and parasite burrow deeper into soft tissues within the body. 

In his book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy Chek says the foods you eat are the primary source of resolving issues with your health.

Within Chek’s client base he has found that improper eradication of parasites and worms is a dangerous path, making future eradication more difficult as they are stronger, more adaptive to a harsher environment. To read more about Chek and his findings with his patients, as well as the most successful ways to eradicate the problem click here – warning, this link contains pictures of worms and parasites within the body. 

To purchase Chek’s program for eradication click here

Professor Volinsky says, “The currently known dehimnimthation methods include enemas with milk and salt, soda, eucalyptus, followed by the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Rope worms can possibly feed on human blood, thus special care should be taken upon dehilminthation to avoid internal bleeding.”

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