Zinc and iron levels are key to a healthy system. Vegetarians are generally more susceptible to low iron and B12 levels, however, people who are deficient in hydrochloric acid may be eating a more balanced diet but are not absorbing their nutrition. Monitoring these levels is important to vibrant heath. There are simple ways to check these levels naturally, in the privacy of your own home.

“Iron is essential for the formation of hemoglobin which carries the oxygen from the lungs to every cell of the body. It builds up the quality of the blood and increases resistance to stress. Those suffering from anemia are always tired and can hemorrhage easier (for example in childbirth),” says Katherine Tarr in her book A Guide to Motherhood

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Tarr says, “There is a 15 to 20 percent reduction of oxygen to the brain when you are anemic. This causes low energy, difficulty making decisions and makes you feel easily discouraged.”

1) Check your capillary refill by pressing down on one of your fingernails firmly for a few seconds making sure you are pressing hard enough that the color under the nail goes white, then release. If the area turns pink again quickly, with no delay, this shows a healthier iron level. 



2) Pull the lower eyelid down and observe the color of the conjuctiva, the thin membrane layer on the inside of the lower lid. If it is red, full of color the iron levels are more stable, if it is pale the levels are low.

3) Check yourself for pallor, evident in your skin tone or the palms of your hands. The hue should have a normal skin tone to a healthier dark color, full of life. A light color, called pallor, is a sign of a lower red blood cell count or decreased blood flow. 

4) Yawning is the body’s response when it needs more oxygen, which is indicative of a low iron level. 

Testing your zinc levels can be observed on your fingernails. White spots on the fingernails and ridges on the fingernails are both reflective of low zinc levels. Click here to read more.

Both zinc and iron levels can be replenished quickly through eating oysters and grass-fed red meat. Both of these foods will boost your mood as a result of increasing your deficiencies. Red meat has other beneficial aspects as well.

Taking too much zinc can be dangerous. If you sense your zinc levels are low a simple and inexpensive test can be performed with a zinc assay, a liquid supplemental zinc that when put in your mouth and held there for a few minutes tells your levels. If the taste is similar to water, you are low in zinc and should swallow the supplemental liquid. If you have normal zinc levels the taste will be awful, sharp and bitter, you should spit out the liquid as your body doesn’t need the supplemental zinc. Click here for the zinc assay.

Research shows conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), found in grass-fed red meat, is beneficial for fighting cancer. The NIH says, “Numerous beneficial effects are attributed to CLA, as in slowing down or even preventing tumor development. CLAs are the only natural fatty acids accepted by the National Academy of Sciences of USA as exhibiting consistent antitumor properties.”



If you are vegetarian and see signs of these low levels your body is showing you there is a need for iron, zinc and most likely B12. If you are eating a more balanced diet, one that includes animal fats and meats, but still show signs of deficiencies consider adding HCl with pepsin (like this one) to assist in absorption of your nutrients.

Anemia can be caused by parasitic or worm infections that attach to the inner linings feeding on the host’s iron. Eradicating worms and parasites will assist in the root cause. 

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