Properly monitoring testosterone levels is vital to preventing a stroke or heart attack when taking testosterone. Studies on testosterone were performed however, “After they found out about thick blood levels, they never checked them again!” says Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, from Harvard and The University of Michigan, and author of Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness: The Patient’s Guide to Health and Healing.

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He says the studies were started correctly saying, “No one was allowed to come in the studies if their hematocrit, the percentage of red blood cells in the total blood volume, was over 50%.”

Dr. Wright says this is an imperative stipulation, “Because if your 50% red blood cells in your total blood volume your blood’s too thick! Thick blood abrades the arteries and leads to inflammation and sets up plaque which leads to heart attacks and strokes.”


When they took these test subjects and never tested them again for blood thickness Dr. Wright says, “In some guys a little more testosterone than he needs and up goes the blood count. How’s that happen? Testosterone stimulates the bone marrow.”

Dr. Wright says when the blood count goes up, “That person’s just set up to have a heart attack or stroke because the blood’s getting so thick you’re pumping sludge!”

In addition, on the contrary, Dr. Wright says, “All guys turn testosterone into estrogen, a little bit. When we’re 20 it’s a smaller percentage. When we’re 40 it’s a slightly larger percentage. But if we have a genetic predisposition it gets to be a major percentage of estrogen. For the guys it’s not good. Too much estrogen sets you up for heart problems, again confirming these testosterone tests were done improperly.”


He adds, “Even worse, in one of those studies they said it was testosterone vs placebo.” The placebo for the study was Viagra, a blood vessel dilator. He says, “How did they think Viagra is a placebo? Well since testosterone helps the guys look at the ladies more fondly we’ll give them something else that helps them do the same thing. Viagra, if taken every day, would lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. It lets the blood flow through better. And that was supposed to be the placebo against the testosterone!”

Dr. Johnathon Wright’s most liked and often referenced books from other doctors is his book Dr. Wright’s Guide On Healing With Nutrition (affiliate link).


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