“It’s very interesting to me that the  FDA mandated that they remove an essential element that we can’t make in our bodies, we need this to live, we need iodide to live, and we’re going to put in a known goitrogen – bromide, which we don’t need to live. There’s no known nutritional value of bromide in our bodies. Somehow this passes through. No one in conventional medicine squawked about it,” says David Brownstein, MD.

“Back in 1986 the FDA mandated that all the iodide in the bread be replaced with bromide. Bromide isn’t an essential nutrient, iodide is. Receptor sites can be occupied by members of the same family. Chloride, bromide, fluoride and iodide all go into the same family on the periodic table,” says Jonathan Wright, MD, from Harvard and The University of Michigan, and author of Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness: The Patient’s Guide to Health and Healing.

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Dr. Brownstein goes on to say, “Couple (bromine in bread) with the fluoride in our water, we’ve just got a mess on our hands. It’s probably one of the main reasons we’re seeing so many thyroid problems and breast problems, and ovarian problems, and uterine problems, the list goes on and on, all the glandular tissues. It’s just ludicrous.”

Dr, Wright says, “If we happen to eat bread, we’re getting bromide. The chloride, bromide, fluoride group displaces iodide in our bodies. It likes to hang on, it’s hard to get out of the way once it’s displaced the iodide.”

Taking iodine supplementation kicks out these foreign halides that do not belong in our bodies. Dr. Brownstein recommends this one.

“Iodine, which is a cousin of iodide, is capable of combining with the normal fat found in breast tissue and killing breast cancer cells. It’s in scientific papers from Germany, Mexico and India,” says Dr. Wright. He goes on to say, “I’ve worked with women with ovarian cysts and over and over and over again those ovarian cysts will just go away if we have those women take iodine.”

It doesn’t happen quickly. Dr. Wright says, “Those cysts are just gone. After anywhere from three or four months to a year or so they are gone, they just went away. It helps ovaries, it helps breasts, it helps thyroid.”

Dr. Wright recommends Lugol’s Iodine but only with a doctor’s assistance. He stresses the importance to know that too much iodine can suppress the thyroid so it is important to follow the guidance of a physician who can check the levels along the way. Dr. Wright says after taking Lugol’s for awhile, “You collect the urine, send it off to a laboratory that tells you how much bromide and fluoride are coming out. If you take an excess amount it will push this other stuff out. That’s why you’ve got to work with a doctor you can only do it for a short time. As it pushes it out, your thyroid can start working better with the iodine.”

If you do not have access to a physician iodine test strips can be used at home. Click here to learn more.

“The countries in the world that have the least amount of breast cancer also have the most amount of iodine intake,” says Dr. Wright.

Adrenal issues cause problems with trying to fix the thyroid. Dr. Wright says if your adrenals are stressed and you push fixing the thyroid it puts added stress on the adrenals. He says, “If the adrenals have gotten weak, for whatever reason, then we push that thyroid up to a full energy burning amount that person isn’t going to feel any better, they might even feel worse from the point of view of energy at least.”

The EPA, Office Of Environmental Health Hazard says, “Repeated ingestion of iodine in amounts that exceed dietary requirements results in a toxic syndrome called iodism. Initial symptoms of iodism are an unpleasant brassy taste, burning of the mouth and throat, and soreness of the teeth and gums. Increased salivation, inflammation of mucus membranes of the nose (rhinitis), eye and mouth, sneezing, laryngitis, bronchitis and skin rashes are frequently observed.” This generally occurs in those making meth.

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