Patients suffering from bipolar disorder, thyroid disease and depression are seeing massive changes in their health with non-traditional yet natural treatments. Holistic practices are shedding light on the big business of pharmaceuticals exposing the leaks in the boat. Meanwhile, natural methods of healing assistance are put into motion, showing greater results.

“Some of the journals are the most biased things you’ve ever seen. You know what the conclusion’s going to be before  you ever read the article because you know who funded it,” says Kent Holtorf, MD, a physician who practices evidence based holistic medicine.

“It’s all political and financial incentives,” he says. However he’s found people are not getting better but are only getting worse popping pharmaceuticals going from pill to pill looking for results and finding disappointment. He says he saw this repetitively, especially with those on thyroid medicines like Synthroid because they do not cover half of the illness.

Thyroid issues are showing to be the canary in the coalmine for synthetic pharmaceuticals.

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“Primary Hypothyroidism means the thyroid is not able to produce enough which then the pituitary tries to get it going by producing TSH. That is only a small portion of the percent of people who are hypothyroid. The standard thyroid panel only looks at problems in secretion of T4,” says Dr. Holtorf.

But the real problem lies in T3 and T4 he says. When the thyroid is malfunctioning, not producing the appropriate T4, the pituitary gland kicks in to compensate and begins releasing TSH. Pharmaceuticals don’t cover these aspects.



Inflammation, stress, weight gain, dieting, insulin resistance, fibromyalgia and depression all reflect the inability of TSH production, he says. Antidepressants are prescribed which then cause other problems.

The STAR*D (Sequenced Treatment Alternative To Relieve Depression) report, often referred to as the STAR report, is the largest study ever done on antidepressants. It was a nationwide public health clinical study using over 4,000 test subjects, over seven years, looking for the source behind those who didn’t respond to traditional anti-depressant medications.

The STAR report showed more positive results from using T3, in normal levels, than any other antidepressant.

The same thing happened with bipolar patients where the study showed those with treatment resistance to 14 bipolar medicines, showing no improvement. When the test subjects were put on T3 80% of them responded favorably 30% had no more symptoms whatsoever.

The study said, “Depressed patients have reduced T4 transport across the blood brain barrier due to a defective transport  protein, transthyretin, resulting in significantly reduced thyroid  levels in the brains of depressed patients despite ‘normal’ serum levels  and standard thyroid tests.”

“Toxins, pesticides, plastics all block the thyroid receptors,” says Dr. Holtorf. “A hormone is the gas pedal for the cell. A lot of things like BPA will block the receptor for thyroid and testosterone but not in the pituitary. The pituitary has different receptors that are very resistant. The pituitary is happy. So the TSH is fine but the rest of the cells are low thyroid because basically the receptors are being blocked.”

Stress has much the same effect.



Removing the toxin works as well as giving a little thyroid. Detoxing the poisons can clean up the receptors.

Symptoms are PMS, cold hands, weight gain and migraines. To learn more click here.

Many doctors are coming forward saying they see the symptoms but when they test the thyroid the test comes back as a false negative. Click here to read more.

Dr. Holtorf says, “The British Medical Journal (BMJ) said looking at an ankle reflex was a better test than blood test. The reflex goes down OK but slow in the back-swing.” The test is best performed through computer monitoring. Associated with symptoms like fatigue, weight gain and inability to lose weight. They are showing 90% accuracy.

Instead traditional medicine is saying the patient is lazy, they eat the wrong foods, they eat too much, they need to diet and exercise. Dr. Holtorf says, “They have about a 25-30% lower metabolism. Right there you’ve got the diagnosis, they’re low on thyroflex. We also look at blood tests to confirm that.”

He adds, “When people have trouble losing weight it’s usually low thyroid, the body senses starvation and lowers T3. Symptoms are key: fatigue, weight gain, inability to lose weight, depression, diabetic. Reverse T3 is a hibernation hormone, it’s basically very high in hibernating bears so it really slows the metabolism.



These methods combined with nutrient dense foods, eliminating the processed foods and grains, especially the thyroid suppressing grains like soy, while increasing the fermented foods for probiotics are showing remarkable results. For other potential sources of depression and suppressed thyroid function click here.

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