Traditional medicine is saying the patient is lazy, they eat the wrong foods, they eat too much, they need to diet and exercise. Dr. Kent Holtorf , MD, a physician who practices evidence based alternative medicine says, “They have about a 25-30% lower metabolism. Right there you’ve got the diagnosis, they’re low on thyroflex. We also look at blood tests to confirm that.”

He adds, “When people have trouble losing weight it’s usually low thyroid, the body senses that starvation and lowers T3. Symptoms are key. If you have all the symptoms you are very likely to have very low thyroid: fatigue, weight gain, PMS, cold hands, cold feet, migraines, inability to lose weight, depression, diabetic. Diabetics are shown to have 50% less T4 to T3 comversion. But what do doctors check? Their T4 and their TSH, that’s not where the problem is!”

When diabetics are given medication and they keep gaining weight it represents another sign that unrecognized thyroid is the underlying issue. Checking the T4 to T3 conversion corrects this.

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“Reverse T3 is a hibernation hormone, it’s basically very high in hibernating bears so it really slows the metabolism.” Dr. Holtorf says, “It actually blocks the receptor. High reverse T3, T4 doesn’t get into the cell.”

Dr. Holtorf says, “They have a couple of interesting studies where they measure the transport of thyroid into the cells and they would incubate the cells with serum from normal people, nothing happened. From stressed individuals it dropped that transport by 50%.”

Clinically holistic practitioners are seeing more and more of this.

In addition to thyroid Dr. Holtorf says leptin plays a role. “Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells. As you gain weight, more leptin is secreted, it goes back to your brain, it tells your brain to increase your thyroid by increasing TSH, increasing your metabolism, lowering your appetite and basically telling  your body to basically burn fat.”


Roughly 20 years ago a study was done on rats where they gave rats leptin, they lost weight. It was considered a groundbreaking discovery. When they gave it to humans it didn’t have the same response. Stressed out women specifically showed an resistance to leptin and any weight loss.

Dr. Holtorf says, “If you have a leptin resistance they found out it goes up but it doesn’t get to the brain. So now your brain thinks your body’s starving and basically tries to gain that weight back by lowering the thyroid, lowering the TSH, lowers the metabolism, increases appetite and tells the body to store fat. It’s not going to be picked up on the standard blood test because the TSH is dropping, not increasing.” Click here to learn more on false negative test results.


Leptin test numbers above a 10 or 12 show a sign of resistance.

“If they’re leptin resistant they need thyroid,” Dr. Holtorf says.

For ways to naturally support the thyroid and adrenals click here. For detecting if you have a struggling thyroid naturally click here.


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