IMAG2561Poison Ivy Eliminator has removed our poison ivy four times now within one day each time. It stopped the itching on contact, preventing possible spreading. Once prepared we simply sprayed this tincture onto both opened sores and areas below the skin’s surface and reapplied as needed. In the past we have relied on the very expensive option of Zanfel (click here to view) an amazing option that works to eradicate the dreadful attack of poison ivy.

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After one try of the Poison Ivy Eliminator natural remedy we will no longer be using Zanfel.

The hardest part of making Poison Ivy Eliminator is finding jewel weed in abundance. Be careful as it grows naturally near poison ivy, like it’s divinely placed there on purpose giving us a solution to the problem. It is often found near water sources and near trail-heads. 

photo courtesy of Tyler Arboretum, Wikimedia Commons

photo courtesy of Tyler Arboretum, Wikimedia Commons

Prepare a jewel weed tincture by gathering jewel weed, stems, flowers and leaves. Dry the gatherings, chop or crush and place in a mason jar or other glass jar with enough vodka (40%/ 80 proof) to cover the weed. Be sure the medicinal plant is fully submerged under the vodka so that it isn’t spoiled through oxidation. Allow mixture to sit in a dark area, for 6 weeks. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth or an old t-shirt, add drops of “>lemongrass essential oil and “>clove essential oil to your liking. For the mixture above, in a two ounce bottle size, twenty drops of each is sufficient.




Apply Poison Ivy Eliminator onto poison ivy outbreaks as needed.IMAG2561





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