Chinese Medicine and acupuncture both focus on all aspects of the body connecting to each other through meridians also known as energy channels or pathways, and chi which is translated as energy. When one part of the body is damaged, the other parts of the body along that channel show dysfunction.

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According to Chinese Medicine these tooth meridians are a direct highway for pathogens to cause problems.

Illness in a tooth, such as an infected root canal, are said to channel the pathogens from the infection to the connecting pathway in the body causing illness there also.

In 1990 the popular television show 60 Minutes aired an extensive expose on amalgam fillings and the damage they cause to the human body. Unlike other episodes it was never aired again on the program. The show went public around the same time mercury was eliminated in the use of latex paints due to toxicity to humans in the room breathing in vapors.

The show was not run a second time due to the overwhelming complaints from traditional dentists.

To view the 60 Minutes spot click here.

Three doctors put their jobs on the line at the time specifically addressing the situation saying, “Three doctors put their jobs on the line at the time specifically addressing the situation saying, “The clinical assessment usually shows a connective tissue disorder, the result of the immune attacking the tissues of the body. The immune elements of T-lymphocytes, B-cells and ‘PAC-man’ Cells, instead of attacking bacterial, viral and yeast fungal invaders, attack the cells of the thyroid (HT), joint surfaces (RA), peripheral vascular bed (Raynaud’s) or the skin cells with patches across the nose and cheeks (lupus erythematosus).”

Click here to review a tooth meridian chart to see if your tooth pain could be causing other issues somewhere in the body.

Periodontal Disease, a disease that attacks the gums causing seapage of germs and pathogens into the body. According to The American academy of Periodontology over 75% of adults that are older older than 35 have gum disease.

“In a person with moderate periodontal disease it is equivalent of having an open wound the size of a palm,” says The Annals of Long-term Care. This is not a protected wound slathered with a protective gel of antimicrobial sealant and a band-aide, it is an open hamburger meat wound feeding pathogenic bacteria from the mouth directly into the blood stream.

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in a person with moderate periodontal disease (pockets ≤5 mm) may seem small, it is the equivalent of having an open wound the size of an adult’s palm – See more at:



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