Many traditional doctors are switching their mindset from Big Pharm to natural care for several reasons. After looking at illness naturally they immediately see the cracks in the traditional medicine chain. The biggest problem continues to be with thyroid testing.

Dr. Broda Barnes says in his book Hypothyroid The Unsuspected Illness to observe signs of thyroid problems not just rely on lab tests. He is an advocate of taking your temperature first thing in the morning, the basal reading. If it’s low that’s a sign, the further below 98.6 the more likely there is a thyroid problem.

The medicine was not always fixing the problem.

“When it got around to treatment something required surgery or a patent medicine. There’s a few exceptions, maybe less than 10% of the time. They might call themselves pharmaceutical companies but they patent and sell it at an enormous price. Here’s the key thing, it doesn’t fit into the human body properly,” says, Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, from Harvard and The University of Michigan, and author of Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness: The Patient’s Guide to Health and Healing.

“If you patent something it can’t be found in nature, that’s the law. You have to work with molecules that are never found in nature and yet they taught us in medical school to use molecules found in nature to help human beings.”

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High T3 is a protective mechanism of the body keeping it from starving. Every rescued child from an underprivileged situation whether it be a starving Third World country or simply a neglected child has an elevated T3, according to Dr. Wright. The body protects itself from starving by elevating the T3.

Dieting, which makes the body think it’s starving, can have the same effect.

Heavy metal toxicity is also showing to create thyroid damage. When it comes to chelation Dr. Wright prefers EDTA for chelating lead and cadmium while DMPS chelates mercury and arsenic. Some people see foggy brain with DMPS which means they aren’t processing the surfer in the DMPS which means there is a maligdalin which can also be fixed, according to Dr. Wright.

In Dr. Barnes’ book he says patients are the ones who suffer because laboratory tests are not always accurate, giving unclear results or showing the patient healthy when clearly they are ill with symptoms.

Dr. Wright says in today’s society there are so many pollutants, chemicals and pesticides bombarding our bodies throughout the day that this temperature test isn’t as accurate as it was in 1976 when Hypothyroid The Unsuspected Illness was published. Now the success rate through taking the morning temperature is closer to 50% success rate. He says it’s still a tool to use, reflecting the condition of the body.

Other symptoms to look for are dry skin, gluten sensitivities, hair loss specifically from the outer edges of the eyebrows, yellow tint to the skin which Dr. Wright says is a sign of deficiency, “A deposition of the precursor to vitamin A, called carotenoids.” He adds, “If there’s enough thyroid (the carotenoids) will metabolize into vitamin A. If they don’t have enough thyroid for that person, they’ll stay behind and there’s a colored pigment in the skin. Certainly people who are a bit constipated but don’t seem to have digestive problems can have thyroid problems.”

If you think there may be a problem with a low functioning thyroid and the lab tests disagree Dr. Wright says, “Please check with a doctor who is skilled and knowledgeable in natural medicine because your body is usually more accurate than the lab test.”

Dr. Wright says there are a few tests that do prove reliable including Free T3 and reverse T3.

Free T3 analyses the amount of loose or unbound T3 molecule, the molecule that causes the body to burn energy and keep us energized and going.

Testing the reverse T3 is valuable to test because it interferes with T3 by blocking it from being utilized. Dr. Wright says, “99.9% of the time when the reverse T3 is elevated that person has way too much toxic metal in the body: cadmium, arsenic, mercury. It could be one, it could be all. When the toxic metal is taken out of the body enough, the reverse T3 WILL come down to normal.”

Dr. St John O’Reilly, a professor from Scotland wrote a paper saying there was never a clinical correlation with physical condition and thyroid tests, only laboratory tests.

As a result doctors lowered the thyroid dosages to meet the laboratory test. Dr. Wright says from the 1890s until roughly 1970 when the lab test appeared from the Mayo Clinic doctors were successfully prescribing twice as much thyroid as is done today where, “Nobody was having adverse affects,” says Dr. Wright.

For more natural methods to detect a sluggish thyroid click here.

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