“The thyroid gland becomes toxic from bromine and/or fluoride. When you couple that with iodine deficiency you can start an oxidative problem on the thyroid gland. The body starts putting out antibodies to put out that fire. The antibodies are diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease,” says Dr. David Brownstein, MD, and author of 20 books including Overcoming Thyroid Disorders. He is a clinically trained physician who now thinks holistically not pharmaceutically.

The iodine issue then becomes a challenge as people with Hashimoto’s show increased antibodies when they take supplemental iodine.

The real cause and source of the problem Dr. Brownstein says is, “Bromine and fluoride have gone up at the same time iodine levels have gone down.” They are non-essential to our body but they push out iodine. Bromine is in soda, pasta, vegetable oils, flour and is used as a fire retardant in mattresses and baby products as well as cell phones and other daily used products.

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Dr. Brownstein says, “When you put someone on iodine, who is iodine deficient, the first thing that happens is they start to detox from bromine and fluoride.” These detox symptoms make people feel ill. Common detox signs are headaches, agitation, palpitations, nervousness, the jitters or irritated thyroid symptoms.

In essence these are good signs as it shows the iodine is working and the body is attempting to cleanse the source of the problem.

Toxic halides like chlorine, fluoride and bromine come from unavoidable sources like shower and bath water, drinking water, toothpaste, bread and even float in the air.

“The body has to eliminate these toxic halides. One of the things that really helps us out is salt. Unrefined salt is a key part of the treatment program. I find when people used unrefined salt to help eliminate bromine, the detox problems with bromine and fluoride just melt away in the vast majority of people,” Dr. Brownstein says.

Click here for his recommended salt, or here. The salt you eat should not be bleached. Salt that contains necessary minerals has some sort of color, the color reflects the different mineral content.

Dr. Brownstein goes on to say, “I suggest starting a teaspoon or two of unrefined salt a day before you start iodine. Selenium is another strong antioxidant for the thyroid gland that can help that detox reaction, vitamin C, a good B complex, and then you can start iodine a couple of weeks later. I see the same with Graves Disease as with Hashimoto’s.”

However, again, some people with Hashimoto’s have increased antibodies when they supplement iodine. Dr.s Datis Kharrazian and Izabella Wentz say they both see increased numbers in Hashimoto’s who supplement.

Click here for natural absorbable selenium.

“Only 10% of iodine in salt is bioavailable. We estimate the Japanese ingest about 13 mg of iodine per day because they use seaweed as fertilizer on their crops and they eat seaweed as part of their dietary regimen. They suffer less glandular problems than we do here,” Dr. Brownstein says.

He says people who suffer from different degrees of destruction need different degrees of treatment with iodine.

“I think (iodine deficiency) is contributing to this epidemic rise in thyroid cancer as well as other glandular cancers. It’s known that iodine has (apoptosis) properties,” Brownstein says.

In his book, Iodine Why You Need It, Why He Can’t Live Without It, Brownstein explains the process completely saying, “Iodine has many anticancer properties. Cancer cells, unlike normal cells, do not have a normal life cycle: they just keep dividing over and over. Normal cells have a life cycle, and when they eventually die, they are replaced with a new cell. This process of timed cellular death is known as apoptosis.”

He goes on to say, “Iodine has been shown to induce apoptosis (death) in breast and thyroid cancer cells.” (page 65)

“It makes no sense to me to counsel a cancer patient to minimize iodine in their diet. I think it’s iodine deficiency that’s setting them up for these problems and will allow these problems to continue,” says Dr. Brownstein.

Dr. Brownstein recommends the iodine that has been used the longest in the medical field, elemental iodine and potassium iodide, dating back to 1829. Click here to see more. Iodine treatment was the first used medical administered treatment in hospitals.

Finding a doctor in your area who does iodine testing is best done by contacting your local test lab. Ask them which doctors send them iodine testing kits for analysis.

In Dr. Brownstein’s book Salt Your Way To Health, he discusses the importance of getting iodine from a reputable source of salt. Real mineral salt has over 80 minerals and is beneficial to your health. Iodized salt is a different story. He does not recommend iodized salt since estimates show 80-90% of the iodine has oxidized by the time iodized salt is used. Salt from processed food is generally not iodized and shows no beneficial health effects.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study done by Pittman, et al, where they measured serum levels in bread and iodized salt. The group that received their iodine from bread had normal blood levels, as he expected. The group that received their iodine from salt showed numbers were 10% of the bread group. This means the iodine received from iodized salt wasn’t bioavailable.

He concluded iodized salt is not the best way to get iodine.

Iodized salt is contaminated with many other problematic aspects like ferrocyanide, chlorine derivatives and aluminum in the form of Sodium Silicoaluminate, an anti-caking agent.


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