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Tapping on pressure points while focusing on illness symptoms, pain or breathing is showing increasingly remarkable results.

In her book The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss And Body Confidence Jessica Ortner covers the process of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which she calls tapping. As a stress reduction and weight loss coach she speaks publicly about the benefits of tapping on pressure points. Most recently she  produced the documentary The Tapping Solution.

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In her book Ortner describes how tapping can manage the overproduction of cortisol, the stress hormone that controls weight.

Stress and frustration is felt throughout our whole body. She says tapping helps calm the panic stress response in the amigdala, a section of the brain that fires off in danger. This firing produces cortisol. Tension in the body with no immediate outlet creates challenges biochemically within the body.

EFT sends a calming signal to the brain and allows the body to relax lowering the stress point. A few rounds of tapping creates an immediate sense of relaxation Ortner says.

An 8 week study was performed by clinical psychologist Dr. Peta Stapleton at the Griffith University School of Medicine Logan Campus in Queensland, Australia where patients tapped for 15 minutes a day while focusing on their anxiety points. The average weight loss was 16 pounds.

She is also working on 4 other EFT studies.

Bond University refers to tapping as Psychological Acupuncture saying, “The effectiveness of EFT is starting to amass positive evidence that needle-free stimulation of pressure points can lead to reduced food cravings and long term weight loss.”

Dr. Stapleton is currently working on her third test study.

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Although tapping was founded in the 1990s by Stanford engineering graduate Gary Craig, EFT is currently seeing a surge of interest.

Scientific Research (2013. Vol.4, No.8, 645-654 published an article saying, “EFT has moved in the past two decades from a fringe therapy to wide- spread professional acceptance.” They reported, “23 randomized controlled trials and 17 within-subjects studies. The three essential ingredients of Clinical EFT are described: exposure, cognitive shift, and acupressure.” Acupressure showed the most significance.

Tapping on pressure points is done by using three fingers on one hand to tap the other hand on the outside of the hand, not the palm, not the back of the hand but the side of the hand between the pinky and palm.

Taps should be light, not forceful, and repetitive for roughly 15-20 seconds.

Next take your two fingers and tap the hair where your eyebrow begins at the top of your nose, the eyebrow point. You will be tapping just to the side of center of your forehead. Then move your fingers out along the same bone tapping between the temple and the eyeball along the same bone. Continue tapping underneath the energy-tapping-points-fingers-330x330eye, again staying on the bone. Progress to tapping beneath the nose then move to tapping the chin at the crease between the lip and the chin. Then tap the collar bone directly under your chin on your chest where the color bone ends. Progress to tapping under the arm, below your armpit, where a woman’s bra strap rests, then tap directly on top of the head.

Ortner says repeating uplifting phrases of affirmation increases effectiveness. For an example click here.


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