It is no secret that millions of dollars are spent luring us into purchasing products while playing on our emotions but the latest addition of addiction through opiate stimulation is pushing food sales even higher while people suffer more and more consequences.

A great deal of studies have been published on how people get a high from food-ish items. These foods are processed and filled with preservatives and chemicals which are altering the digestive tract to the point where it requires and needs the same foods. These people become sensitive to food textures and eventually develop food sensitivities.

Studies show customers are not willing to give up the high they receive, their bodies neeeeeed it. They are pulled by the “drug” of food that causes an opiate affect. This is orchestrated by perfect design and carried out with precision in an effort to increase sales. To read more on how food has an opiate effect on the brain click here.

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To read more on the addiction, including rat studies with Oreo cookies click here.

Fixing the digestive system will normalize the way food is processed and absorbed, removing the emotional aspect of food.

Gas, acid reflux, belching and bloating are all signs that something is not normal. “Gas is a sign that abnormal fermentation is going on. Food is literally rotting. It’s a sign that something’s not OK,” says Magdalena Wszelaki, HHC a health coach who used nourishing foods to heal herself from Hashimoto’s Disease. She dedicates her practice to gut permeability.

Magdalena says, “It’s well known that when it comes to dairy and gluten, both of these food categories have an incredible impact on our brain. They have the same impact on our brain as morphine. It has a numbing effect. Even if  you take a tenth of it, it does numb the pain we are experiencing. When we need ‘comfort food’ we reach out for ice cream, we don’t reach for kale chips.”

Wszelaki spent her early years in the advertising field, producing product ads for Nike and other large companies. When presented with the challenge of uplifting failing ice cream sales her approach was a lonely single woman lounging on a couch drinking tea in a comfy bathrobe, looking beautiful and cozy, yet sad and desperate, while watching a movie alone. When she needed a lift as the movie lulled, she reached for ice cream. The result was as intended, ice cream sales increased.

At times when hormonal changes happen, comfort food and sugar is most commonly the choice.

Magdalena says going gluten free and eating gluten free foods are two different things. “Getting off gluten is not a negotiation, you’ve got to do it, especially if you have Hashimoto’s or Graves disease.”

Gluten free foods are often chemically laden alternatives. The better choice is choosing whole real foods. Gluten free foods can be used as a stepping stone to whole foods that are nutrient dense. Gluten free foods should never be a staple in your diet.

Removing food intolerances is key she says. Adding probiotics at that time allows the gut lining to heal. (Click here for an affiliate option that heals the gut lining without feeding pathogens, or here.)

“I do not know a person with an autoimmune disease that has a healthy digestive system,” she adds. Her recommendation is removing soy, dairy, wheat, grains, gluten free foods, sugar and add in meat stocks and pastured meats as well as nutritionally dense foods. She does not recommend making broths or stocks out of commercially raised animals. A good way to source clean animals for is from your local Weston A. Price chapter.

Watching television commercials, looking at magazine ads or billboards on food is a trick to get you to buy their product. They are embellishing a situation as well as embellishing a product to play on your emotions which are already tapped from previous food opiate effects. Sourcing your food from real food instead of a mixture of chemicals, in packaged foods, will help nourish your body.

Stopping the cycle can be achieved through removing the temptation and source of the emotional pull. Satisfying your needs with nutrient dense foods will break the opiate effect and addiction that is linked to cyclical behaviors.


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