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The fatty liver epidemic is affecting 70-90% of Americans, a quickly growing epidemic which is sourced from sugars, soda and processed foods says Dr. Mark Hyman, a functional medicine doctor, at the Eating Psychology Conference 2014. “Fois gras is literally fatty duck liver. The way they get it is not by feeding the ducks fat, they feed them corn, starch, sugar. Sugar turns into fat in the liver. It fills up the liver with fat.”

Fatty liver is currently the number one liver problem in our country. Often times it goes completely undiagnosed.

The results lead down the same path every time. Dr. Hyman says, “You end up having a fatty liver which creates inflammation. It causes insulin resistance. It causes you to have increased storage of belly fat. It causes you to have increased risk for heart attacks, for cancer, even for dementia.”

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The only treatment for for fatty liver is food.

Dr. Hyman says the most important thing to do to restore health to the liver is to remove all processed foods and all foods that negatively impact the body on the glycemic index. Bread for example, including whole wheat bread and whole grain bread, “You take an equal amount of bread and an equal amount of sugar – the bread raises your blood sugar more. It’s got a higher glycemic index than sugar. You’re better off eating table sugar with your sandwich fixings than actually having bread.”

Once the food is cleaned up, the liver can cleanse out environmental toxins and restore the body back to homeostasis.


Dr. Hyman says, “Here’s the problem. The majority of diseases today that doctors are seeing are caused by food, and it can only be cured by food. Doctors are never taught about food in medical school so they never lean how to treat the very diseases they are seeing.”

People are suffering from chronic illnesses that can be reversed just by simply switching the way they eat. People suffering from infectious diseases are dwarfed in numbers. Nutrient dense foods are the answer, the cause that will create health and relief.

Dr. Hyman says right now at the Cleveland Clinic they are attempting to use the prescription pad to recommend food changes instead of pharmaceuticals.

When something is wrong with the body it affects our body and affects our brain. If the microflora is off, the body can not work properly. Dr. Hyman says, “We often attribute emotional or psychological issues to things that are really not true. If we have depression, anxiety, trouble with focus, memory, ADD we think there’s something wrong with our brain. In fact there’s not really something wrong with our brains, there’s something wrong with our body that’s affecting our brain like inflammation, or altered gut flora, or hormonal dysfunction or environmental toxins.”

A B12 deficiency or folate deficiency will cause depression, memory issues and fatigue.

A suppressed thyroid causes depression and cognitive dysfunction.

Heavy metal toxicity will be reflected by an impaired metabolism, anger, insomnia, anxiety and candida yeasts.

An impaired microbiome, imbalanced gut flora, will be evident through irritability, anxiety and depression.

The connection of what is going on inside the body takes priority with immunity and what is happening in the brain. People have the power to be in charge of their own health through what they feed themselves. Nutrient dense foods should take precedence and priority. No other foods should be ingested until mental clarity and health is achieved, then other foods can be used in moderation.

Dr. Hyman says, “The food is the most powerful drug.” He lays out his plan in his book 10-Day Detox Diet where you eat real food, as much as you want, to flush the toxins. From there it’s just eating real food, taking the body back to the nourishment it requires.

A hidden problem is supplementation that isn’t absorbable to the body, or supplements that have chemical sweeteners and fillers that feed bad bacteria, like corn or rice flour. These affiliate links are the above listed products in the cleanest unadulterated forms. Click on each to see each product mentioned above: B12 with B6 and folic acid, taken with B12 (both contain lactose, if you know of a cleaner B12 please comment below), Standard Process Thytrophin supports the thyroid while working together with adrenal support, candida yeasts and microbiome flora can be rebalanced through food – click here to read more.


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