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Our bodies are built to detox on their own but the overwhelming bombardment of added preservatives and chemicals in our food products as well as toxins in our environment are just too much. The overload is making us sick.

Patients are encountering health problems much younger than they should. Cancers are popping up in ladies in their young thirties, the same cancers that normally happen in ladies who are over 60 years old. The same is proving true with fatty liver, growths, arthritis and stiff joints including rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other diseases.

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“Young (people) are much more comfortable questioning the medical system and the traditional treatments, they don’t want to go on these toxic drugs. People are realizing their diets and the way they live their lives are making these diseases progress,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, a clinical natropath from South Africa who focuses on acupuncture, physical therapy and holistic practices.

“Calories aren’t that important,” Dr. Lipman says. The more important focus should be on eating nutrient dense foods (click here for a comprehensive list), probiotic foods, (click here to read more) and avoidance of toxins and chemicals.

“Women are coming in more and more with auto immune problems, things I never saw (20) years ago,” he adds. Autoimmune disease develops after the detox system becomes overwhelmed and can’t keep up with elimination combined with leaky gut, where pathogenic microbes are passing through the gut wall into the blood stream. The body attacks the offenders. This process is evidenced by food intolerances and food allergies. The source of which is the pathogenic growth in the gut wall.

It is growing more and more difficult today to source real food. Organic vegetables are often grown organic but then treated during packaging. These foods are marked “grown organically” misleading the consumer. Others are often treated to maintain their fresh look. Vegetables are picked before they’re fully ripe robbing them of nutrition.

The World’s Healthiest Foods says, “Recent studies have shown that the vitamin C content and the carotenoid content of bell pepper both increase with ripening. When the vitamin C and carotenoid content of bell peppers increases, so does their total antioxidant capacity, which can be a source of great health benefits.”

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reported blackberries showed a higher content of nutrition pending on when they were picked as well as he health of their soil in each plot.

The New York Times reported, “‘For a lot of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket, ripeness is not the big issue,’ Dr. Wilkins said. Even though a tomato may be harvested before peak maturity and shipped before vitamin C has a chance to develop fully, bigger factors may be what variety it is; if it’s chilled enough and quickly enough after harvest; what humidity and temperature it is exposed to in shipping; and how long it takes to get to market.”

It’s no secret eating vegetables and eating vegetables are two different things, pending on the source.


“The way I see this is all the crap we’ve been putting in our food for so long is starting to hit our younger generation. My generation grew up not eating as many products, not eating as many chemicals, not eating as many GMOs. The food was cleaner,” Dr. Lipman says.

Each person is different in how they handle their environment as well as the food they eat. Dr. Lipman says, “There are more and more people who are insulin resistant or carbohydrate intolerant, call it what you like. For them, they can’t eat as much fruit or as many grains as the next person. You’ve got to adapt according to your body’s metabolism. A lot of people get trapped in their dogma of their system but you’ve got to realize what works for another person may not work for your system.”

The first starting point is to remove grains, soy, sugar, pasteurized dairy, gluten, corn, and GMOs. Eat raw fermented dairy, pastured animals, wild caught fish, organic vegetables and fermented foods.

Parasites and pathogens will limit your ability to break down food. Eliminating problematic foods allows your body to flush out built up toxins as well as boost the system. Reintroducing these eliminated foods one by one after at least a month of elimination will allow your body to speak to you. Some food intolerance reactions are delayed reactions of up to a week. It is best to reintroduce these foods slowly with a food journal.

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