“If you treat the thyroid properly 2/3 of the pain goes away,” says Dr. Mark Starr, MD(H) author of Hypthyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic.

Today blood tests are done to determine low thyroid but before 1940 people were tested on their breath. A basal breath test was taken in the morning by testing the breath taken in as well as the exhaled breath.


Dr. Broda O. Barnes, MD, author of Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness, and Dr. E. Denis Wilson, MD, author of Wilson’s Syndrome: The Miracle of Feeling Well, (affiliate links) both state in their books that modern medicine is missing the diagnosis of low thyroid function by only relying on blood tests. In addition they make the point, through countless tests documented in the texts above, that thyroid blood tests are often inaccurate or the patient falls out of the normal range.

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Dr. Barnes says, “These are preovulatory temperatures, to be taken on days 2 or 3 of the period in menstruating women, but on any day for other women, children, or men. His book states that the underarm basal temperature is about the same as the oral basal temperature.”

Natural testing for thyroid function include basal temperature testing. The term basal means immediately upon waking in the morning. Dr. Barnes believes an average of 97.8 to 98.2 to indicate normal thyroid function but temperatures below 97.8 indicated low thyroid.


Testing basal temps in an infant can be done rectally but the temp rate is slightly higher showing a low thyroid.

According to these doctors, this test is accurate 80% of the times.

In his book Dr. Starr explains early twentieth century literature for testing thyroid used visible detection of a puffy face, specifically above and below the eyes, as well as puffy hands.

A highly reliable marker for a low thyroid is noticeably thinning hair on the outer third of the eyebrows


Another method to test a sluggish thyroid is a skin test. Grab skin, the perfect place is testing the back of your arm between the triceps and bicep muscles attempting to pull up the thin top layer of skin. Those with low thyroid have a glue-like substance called mucin under their skin making it difficult to pull the skin. Women, in general, have more fatty tissue under their skin and will have a different fuller look to their skin pull. Often times those with a struggling thyroid will have skin that is near impossible to squeeze up between the pointer finger and thumb.


The skin test, Dr. Starr says, is not as accurate as the breath test but is another factor to consider in determining low thyroid. Other test factors include sleep apnea, recurrent infections, pain, marked tiredness, fatigue, low energy, weakness, depression, cold intolerance, pain in the joints and constipation.

In the 1800s they proved hardening of the arteries was a symptom of low thyroid, evidenced through heart attacks. They determined this by removing thyroid glands in animals, observing, than treating with thyroid medicine. The researchers saw success.


Dr. Theirry Hertoghe, MD, president of the third largest endocrine society in the world, renowned thyroid physician, and subsequently renowned aging specialist, says synergy between hormones is the most important factor. Dr. Hertoghe says, “Many people feel better with additional T3 preparation. Desiccated thyroid is slowly absorbed so people feel much better with dessicated over synthetic.”

Dr. Hertoghe says 80% of the population has a low thyroid function. Most other doctors diagnose roughly 40%.

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