“They’ve been increasing the amount of aluminum in vaccines quite systematically particularly over the last 10 years,” says Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior scientist at MIT who has been conducting research for over three decades. She is considered the leading expert on sulfur and how it functions in the body. She is an electrical engineer, a computer science specialist who then converted into the biological sciences with a biology degree as well as a food and nutrition specialty.

“They’ve been increasing the number of vaccines as well. I’m deeply disturbed by what I’m seeing,” she says. The root of her worry is, “They add the aluminum in order to get the child to react enough. If the child has a strong immune system and you just give them a vaccine of some dead microbe, the body’s going to slough it off – they won’t actually be resistant to the disease. They have to put something else in the vaccine to make you react more. They’ve discovered that aluminum works really well.” At the same time it’s causing all the trouble.

Dr. Seneff began a deeper search looking through all the studies specifically looking for autism effects. “Starting in 1990 – 2010 what you see is astonishing. There’s this kind of very low level, (then in) 2000 it skyrockets and it’s high the whole rest of the time.” Then in 2000 the number jumped to 14 times as many.

She began researching the database specifically looking for a link. “Something happened in 2000,” she says. “Then I started searching for what might have happened and I found in 1999 they removed the thiomersal.”

Removing the thiomersal was in response to the CDC and EPA with concerns over mercury toxicity.

Dr. Seneff says, “They’ve been bringing it back in. They substituted aluminum. I think they’re bringing it back in because they know the aluminum is worse but they don’t want to tell us that. This is what I think.” If the aluminum is in fact worse than the mercury it explains the massive increase in autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, dialysis, allergies, food intolerances and anaphylaxis.

Dr. Seneff says, “They did put in more aluminum at the same time they removed the mercury, that’s very clear. Exactly why they did that I don’t know.”

Aluminum and mercury both work as an adjuvant, they assist the vaccine into the body.

Dr. Seneff says, “The glass vial and especially the rubber stopper that the vaccines are stored in have aluminum in them. If it’s stored in the glass vial it can leach the aluminum out of the glass vial and out of the rubber stopper.” This is true for flu vaccines as well as inoculations.

UK government documents show, “It has been found that Calcium Gluconate solution in glass vials contains almost 200 times more aluminium than Calcium Gluconate in plastic vials; this is due to the solution leeching aluminium from the glass,” says Age of Autism. They go on to say, “It is believed that the aluminium leeches from the glass into the solution during autoclaving or storage, although plastic storage vials did not increase aluminium levels. Aluminium levels in glass ampoules of calcium gluconate (in ug/L) in long storage were 6135 and short storage were 4890.”

With increasing numbers in autism now showing 1 in every 50 children Forbes published and article in February of 2014 entitled, “Is The CDC Hiding Data About Mercury, Vaccines, And Autism?”

They are currently seeing the same thing in dialysis patients. The same aspects exist in both vaccines and in the dialysis material.

“There’s a set of symptoms highly correlated with both after 2000, containing aluminum, which implies that the difference is the aluminum in the before and after 2000,” Dr. Seneff says.

As a scientist who focuses her attention and research on sulfur she found, “Autistic kids have one-third the free sulfate in the blood as normal kids. Sulfate binds to the aluminum and it exports it from the body. When you don’t have enough sulfate your blood basically coagulates or you hemorrhage.”

When your body can not eliminate the aluminum it accumulates in the brain. They are seeing the same pattern with dialysis patients.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, specialist on autism and recovery therein says autism patients have a broken detoxification system that needs to be encouraged and brought back to life. She also sees a consistent pattern with every one of her patients having heavy metal toxicity off the charts. Her solution that has resolved the problem in hundreds of thousands of her patients is feeding them copious amounts of high sulfur and high animal fat foods, which also feeds the body sulfur. This assists in nourishing the body while detoxifying. The sulfur supplies the body what it needs to process out the toxic heavy metals. Click here to read more from an affiliate link.

Dr. Seneff says, “I’ve been studying the effect of sulfate in the gut because it’s clear autistic kids have issues with their digestive system. They have the leaky gut, they have the peptides, they have the opioids in the brain. Sulfate is necessary, catalyses the synthesis that breakdown the gluten and the casein. So when there’s not enough sulfate those enzymes are not working properly. The gluten and the casein don’t get properly broken down and the peptides end up undigested. The gut is leaky because there isn’t enough sulfate.”

Sometimes when the damage is exhaustive the body can use and assist in processing sulfate. Click here for Dr. Seneff’s recommendation (affiliate link).

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becky head shot2*Nourishing Plot is written by a mom whose son has been delivered from the effects of autism (asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, bipolar disorder/manic depression, hypoglycemia and dyslexia through food. This is not a news article published by a paper trying to make money. This blog is put out by a mom who sees first hand the effects of nourishing food vs food-ish items. No company pays her for writing these blogs, she considers this a form of missionary work. It is her desire to scream it from the rooftops so that others don’t suffer from the damaging effect of today’s “food”.





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12 Responses to Recent Changes In Vaccines

  1. Louis P. says:

    How could a doctor have “hundreds of thousands of patients”? That must be an error.

  2. Kristen says:

    We were able to clear aluminum, mercury, lead & copper from our son’s system via oral chelation therapy. We used hair analysis testing and a detox protocol developed by Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler. Our son’s severe sensory issues were resolved as the metals were eliminated. It has taken 12 years & multiple therapies, but now, at 17 years old, I am grateful to say that he is happy, healthy & indistinguishable from his peers!

  3. […] Recent Changes In Vaccines | Nourishing Plot. “They’ve been increasing the amount of aluminum in vaccines quite systematically particularly over the last 10 years,” says Dr. […]

  4. Katie says:

    Thank you so much. I want to scream the truth from the rooftops as well. Thank you for caring.

  5. natalia says:

    i am so sacare when I read this kind of information.i did not prefer give to my sons vaccines but I don’t see another alternative. Since the government and school obligate us to give vaccines to our children. please!!, I’d really appreciate your opinion and alternatives of vaccines. sorry my English is not good.

  6. j'booster says:

    Great blog. Thanks for making this information available. Vaccines are definitely not necessary. Our immune system is designed to handle any exposure to illness. We just need to nourish our bodies with real food.

  7. Why are these heavy metals so damaging to us and our children? In 1954 Ezra Taft Benson Sec of AG sign a rider to the Farm Subsidies Act of the New Deal mandating the
    use of synthetic chemical fertilizers year round if they were to paid for not growing something. This bail out for Nelson Rockefeller and Prescott Bush broke the sulfur cycle
    and the heavy metals stay in our body and brains rather than being sulfated out of our body. Dr. Alzheimer failed to realize the use of the same chemical fertilizers since 1860 was responsible for premenopausal women going lost in their own minds from the mercury from the coal mines of Germany.
    1932 Otto Warburg proved cancer was a lack of intracellular oxygen and Hitlers own doctor failed to realize the same chemical fertilizers was the reason Otto saw so much cancer in Germany when the rest of Europe saw no cancer until the rest of the world
    adopted the use of the fake poop to grow food.
    If you have an autistic child add organic sulfur to their diet and yours and chances are good for getting your child back and your life back.
    In deference to all of the doctors noted they do not understand biology, the Cellular Matrix does and our 24 children in the Study who are no longer autistic don’t have too much to say, though they are back, their mothers are more than gratified that someone told them about organic sulfur.
    Our Study has 400,000 study members who contacted us and besides the heavy metal issue all of the modern diseases are no longer an issue.
    Everyone not just those who read this but everyone world wide is sulfur deficient, add
    organic sulfur and the problem go away, like scars go away, it is called cellular regeneration, a function of oxygen transported by sulfur which then take out the trash
    of man, mercury, aluminum, copper ( found in chemtrails ) everything save for iodine.
    All of the heavy metals have been with us since the industrial revolution, where is the

    Got sulfur?

    • Becky Plotner says:


      • Karen says:

        What would help a person that can’t ever sleep after vaccines?

        • Becky Plotner says:

          Oh dear! Well that’s a huge question, one that can’t just be answered off the information given. It’s not a good sign and will take very specific steps to recover. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Those buggers are no joke! Not to be taken lightly!

  8. […] avem si AICI un articol interesant despre rolul aluminiului in declansarea autismului, descris de Dr. Stephanie […]

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