“We use a lot of sodium alginate for detoxifying, we find it’s one of the best chelators for heavy metals. We use it routinely, virtually our entire practice. We find it gets rid of the heavy metals as well as the halides,” say Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a renowned physician who cures cancer holistically. He goes on to say, “The halides are a real serious problem and they’re everywhere.”


Halides come to us in the form of swimming pools where chlorine is being substituted for bromide which Dr. Gonzalez says, “People are so pleased now they’re not swimming in chlorinated pools, while they’re swimming in brominated pools! They’re ten times worse!” Bromine is used in pools, medicines and bread. Click here to read the CDC warnings and protocol if you are exposed to bromine.

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Dr. Lawrence Wilson says, “Completely idiotic laws in most nations require bread companies to add bromine to bread instead of iodine. It helps the yeast rise or has other effects. Bromine is highly toxic for human beings.”

Web Elements says bromine is, “A heavy, volatile, mobile, dangerous reddish-brown liquid. The red vapour has a strong unpleasant odour and the vapour irritates the eyes and throat. When spilled on the skin it produces painful sores. It is a serious health hazard, and maximum safety precautions should be taken when handling it.” It acts as bleach and is not classified as a heavy metal. It is a poison classified as a halogen. Bromine comes from the Greek word bromos meaning stench.


Dr. Gonzalez says it is important to detoxify the body of halogen and metal build up twice a year, “These halogens are highly reactive and they cause all kinds of trouble, unquestionably. We use sodium alginate, of course it has iodine in it, we find it very effective.”

One of the reasons he likes it so much is sodium alginate is a food, not an isolated form or element. This makes the iodine fully absorbable and the co-factors work more efficiently. Sodium alginate is a seaweed, click here to view (affiliate link).


The most commonly used natural chelators, that remove heavy metals, are chlorella (with broken cell wall), spirulina, bentonite clay, high doses of vitamin C and sodium alginate (affiliate links).

Dr. Gonzalez says, “Sodium alginate is an algae, it chelates the heavy metals, it chelates the halides. I never use intravenous chelation. It’s very effective.”

He recommends taking three capsules three times daily between meals on an empty stomach.

The success he’s seeing is notable. Dr. Gonzalez says, “You don’t have to stay on it indefinitely. We’ll have patients do it six weeks total. That gets rid of most of the heavy metals and halides. If it’s still a problem six months later we’ll do it again.”


Heavy metals are hidden everywhere,causing us to encounter them daily.

The UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) says heavy metals in the air are coming from, “Iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metal industry, combustion processes (power generation, road transport) and waste incineration.”

The NIH is still examining studies and analyzing data to determine the possible effects on human and animal lung damage from airborne heavy metals.


Heavy metals are found in water, household dust and in food. Metals in household dust where mothers smoked ranked the highest. Medications like diflucan contain metal. Non-stick pans emit metals into food and air. American cheese has an enormous amount of aluminum as it’s what makes the cheese spreadable, click here to read more. Air currents from overseas are wafting over metals. Broken light bulbs emit mercury vapors into the air. Vaccinations and flu shots contain metals – we are bombarded with metals every day.

Click here for a heavy metals hair test (affiliate link).

Click here to read more about heavy metals and their symbiotic relationship with candida.

This is why Dr. Gonzalez says, “We have our entire practice detoxify from heavy metals with sodium alginate (affiliate link) every six months. Fifteen years ago it wasn’t as big an issue. I would never claim what we do is the best on earth. It works efficiently and it’s so inexpensive that we just never have looked anywhere else.”


Dr. Gonzalez says he checks the before and after metal toxicity with hair tests, blood tests and urine tests. He says unquestionably if you are eating fish you will benefit more healthfully if you take the sodium alginate before and after your meal proactively. It works best when taken on an empty stomach and not when you are taking mineral supplements as it will bind to the beneficial minerals in your supplement like zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium.

Sodium alginate extracts metals from the blood as well as the tissues.

Sodium alginate and capsules can be accessed here and here. This product here is already pre-capsulated however it has a rice flour filler (a starch) that is not GAPS approved and a known irritant on those with Leaky Gut.


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