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Two recent studies have been halted due to the negative results of supplementing.

“Supplementing isn’t the same as getting nutrition from food itself,” says Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, clinical researcher, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and author of Power Food To The Brain.

In the Finish study 29,133 male smokers were used. In the U.S. study 18,000 people were used, both male and female, including asbestos workers. The NIH reported follow up continued for five to eight years with the, “Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled primary-prevention trial.”

The NIH reported, “Among the 876 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed during the trial, no reduction in incidence was observed among the men.”

WebMD Health News reported the trials were, “Testing whether beta-carotene and vitamin A could prevent lung cancer. Nearly everybody thought it would work. And they were wrong. Lung cancer, heart disease, and death from all causes shot up in those who took high-dose beta-carotene.”

The final outcome was shocking. “The people taking the beta carotene supplement ended up having more cancer than the ones taking a placebo,” Dr. Barnard said.

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“Beta-carotene is one of just hundreds of carotenoids and if you’re taking just one of them it might reduce the absorption of the others and it throws it all out of balance so you’re worse off than if you hadn’t been taking it at all,” says Dr. Barnard.

WebMD Health News said, “Years after they stopped taking high-dose beta-carotene supplements, (the) group of smokers still suffer extra-high rates of lung cancer and death.”

The NIH reported, “This trial raises the possibility that these supplements may actually have harmful as well as beneficial effects.”

When the placebo group was studied it was uncovered that the test subjects were getting a lot of naturally found beta-carotene from foods, specifically vegetables. They found the same results to be true with Vitamin E.

Vitamin E in supplement form is missing the 8 forms of vitamin E found in almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

ID-100114838Dr. Barnard says, “You’re better off getting vitamins from food.” He makes only one exception to that with vitamin B12 saying B12, “Is not made by animals or plants it is made by bacteria. Meat eaters get B12 because the bacteria in a cow’s intestinal tract will make it into the bloodstream and get stuck to the meat.”

Certain brands of yogurt are another source of concern for Dr. Barnard, specifically the probiotics. He says, “Those are just added with a shovel and a bucket in the factory. They’re just an addition to the yogurt product. You can get any probiotic in a health food store.”

Dr. Barnard says, “All the nutrition companies are pushing yogurt like crazy. It’s a mistake. They should not be doing it.”

PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) awarded Dannon with the SICK award (Social Irrisponsibility Towards Consumers and Kids) in 2013 saying, “Dannon is off the scale. It’s high sugar, high calorie, it’s basically selling ice cream or pudding and saying that it’s somehow a healthy food. It’s not.”

Dannon was sued for false advertising regarding their probiotic count in 2009. PCRM says, “They’ve had to pay out about $50 million in the past so our feeling is the Dannon company has been taking it too far. They need to clean up their act.”

Real yogurt have live cultures. Live cultures grow from a starter culture and the product is left to culture at anywhere from 90-110 degrees for eight hours. If you have a lactose issue, culturing the yogurt for 24-27 hours will ensure the absence of lactose.

Use these affiliate links for three good store-bought options of yogurt: Seven Stars, Stoneyfield Farm and Fage Total from whole milk (non-fat, low-fat and 2% are all considering low-fat versions).

Yogurt brewed at home from raw milk is a different category all together. This is a whole food teaming with probiotic strains.

Food cultured and made at home is much more beneficial than store-bought. Supplements are the same. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, neurologist, neurosurgeon, and author of GAPS (affiliate link) says eating carrots or juicing carrots to the point where you turn orange from the high percentage of carotenoids, is extremely beneficial for detoxing.

She says nature made food in a form for us to assimilate. When synthetic supplements are ingested the body can not process them like it can whole nutrient dense foods.

To learn how to make yogurt at home, click here

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