Adults who have abnormal relationships with food, blood sugar issues, mood swings and emotionally unstable swings from the blood sugar roller coaster means they need GAPS healing says Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, neurologist, neurosurgeon and author of GAPS.

Dr. McBride says these adults often have relationship problems, marriage problems and job difficulty.

We all know someone who fits her scenario. Dr. McBride says nutrient dense foods fix the root cause.

“I’m absolutely convinced that every drug addict begins from abnormalities in their gut flora in their childhood getting trapped in this vicious cycle of cravings and dependency. Then it moves on to more serious substances than just sugars,” Dr. Natasha says. To read more click here.

Dr. McBride emphasizes healing the body through animal protein and high fat dairy. She says they nourish the body at its deepest state. Historically, through all cultures, except our most current society, people have been nourished through animal protein and high fat dairy.

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Our current society is fed through low-fat foods which are highly processed and unhealthy. At the same time cancer is on the rise, depression is common, ADHD is rampant, autism is obscenely common and food allergies are abounding. As a society we continue to get sicker and sicker.

Dr. Natasha says, “Our immunity is made out of half and half, protein and fat. The kind of protein the immune system is made from structurally comes from meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Plants have protein in them but they have a very different amino acid composition.”

When the system is unhealthy it is vital to nourish the body so it can recover. “The building feeding substances for the human body come from animal foods, not from plants. Animal foods are the easiest to digest, the easiest to assimilate. Their molecular composition of proteins and fats are very compatible with our own proteins and fats that the human body is made from.”

Dr. Natasha says plant matter is cleansing not nourishing and building.

She adds, cancer patients are one of the only few people who should eat only plant matter but they should switch to animal matter as soon as possible to rebuild. Dr. Natasha says, “Plants are for entertaining and cleaning. They don’t feed you.”

Exclusive plants or exclusive animal food is not balanced.

Dr. McBride says the solution to illness is to focus on the gut lining, reducing toxicity and feeding the beneficial bacteria which lives in the intestinal tract. Inflammation can be reduced, nourishment can begin and the person can walk out of diseases like ADHD and autism or even schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Dr. McBride says, “Mental illness now is classified as an autoimmune disease because there is an autoimmune component.” She says some mental illnesses are harder to heal, schizophrenia being one of the more difficult, depression and anxiety being easier. Each disease is reflective of the depth of damage to the gut lining.

“All of autoimmunity is born in the gut,” Dr. McBride says. “When the gut flora is abnormal the immune system gets bombarded. The person develops inflammation, auto-immunity and other immune reactions.”

Mainstream medicine is vital for saving lives in many situations but Dr. Natasha says when you suffer from chronic immune symptoms mainstream medicine is not the correct place because they consider these diseases incurable.

“Nutrition is the absolute basis for healing these diseases,” Dr. Natasha says. “With each dose of antibiotics the pathogens grow stronger and stronger making you more and more sick. Other medicines also negatively effect gut flora like birth control pills and all other long-term medicines.”

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