Taffy is a healthful probiotic treat that travels well and provides a tasty alternative to candy.

DSC04180When your kombucha makes the extra scoby and there’s no one waiting in line for a starter, peel off the layer of scoby.


The thinner the scoby the more like stained glass candy, the thicker the scoby the more the end-product will be like taffy. Cut the scoby with stainless steel scissors into rectangles then lay out on dehydrator trays. Drizzle a thin line of local honey and salt on the scoby strips and dehydrate on 115 degrees overnight or until your desired firmness.


These treats travel well for hikes and provide a probiotic boost.



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4 Responses to Kombucha Taffy

  1. Arlana says:

    I love your blog!!! I am trying the candy scoby right now, but am wondering how you got the honey to stay on your scoby pieces? Mine is draining off and making a nice mess on the trays? I do not have fruit leather trays so just curious if you have any advice as I think it will be a challenge to clean my trays? I was thinking of cutting some parchment paper to line the trays but wondering if that would interfere with proper air flow?
    Thanks so much.

  2. I don’t have dehydrator. Can I make the taffy on oven with the same temperature?

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