When the body isn’t manufacturing enough bile on its own, biliary insufficiency support may be necessary. Patients who suffer from food intolerances, depression, anxiety, ADHD, inflamed bowel, constipation or diarrhea have a lack of bile flow, which further adds to their struggles. When fecal matter is not pushed out of the intestinal tract it sits there and rots, compacts on the side wall and prevents absorption of nutrition from further food.

Health Line says, “The bile ducts carry bile from the liver and gallbladder through the pancreas to the small intestine (the duodenum).” Bile duct blockage is not uncommon. Obstruction of bile ducts is biliary obstruction.

The Digestive Disease Center says, “The pancreas and liver produce juices (pancreatic juice and bile) which help in the process of digestion (i.e. the breakdown of food into parts which can be absorbed easily and used by the body).”

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The Merck Manual says biliary obstruction is also recognizable as, “The skin and whites of the eyes look yellow, the skin itches, urine is dark, and stools may become light-colored and smell foul.”

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride says in FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions), “Pasty stools which are difficult to pass is poor bile production.” She goes on to say, “The pale color can be due to low bile output and high levels of probiotics in the diet: the bile makes the stool brown while probiotic bacteria make it look pale.”

The pancreas and liver produce juices (pancreatic juice and bile) which help in the process of digestion (i.e. the breakdown of foods into parts which can be absorbed easily and used by the body). – See more at:
The pancreas and liver produce juices (pancreatic juice and bile) which help in the process of digestion (i.e. the breakdown of foods into parts which can be absorbed easily and used by the body). – See more at:
The pancreas and liver produce juices (pancreatic juice and bile) which help in the process of digestion (i.e. the breakdown of foods into parts which can be absorbed easily and used by the body). – See more at:

If the body is struggling to produce enough bile, due to a lack of bile salts, the body can not properly digest fats, acid production will flare causing acid indigestion and toxicity will not get excreted causing a build up of toxins. People who do not produce enough bile have a lot of toxic buildup. All of those things negatively affect the hormones.

Another sign of poor bile flow is fecal matter that is difficult to pass at first, often described as passing a golf ball or passing a baseball. Frequent constipation is also a sign of poor bile flow.

Biotics Research says, “There’s a difference between insufficiency and stasis. Insufficiency is when you have a light-colored or clay-colored stool. That is generally your first indication of insufficiency.”

Click here for a complete breakdown of what your stool should look like and how frequently you should evacuate.

There are many ways to assist with the problem, from increasing water intake to yoga poses, but they need to be constantly put in motion. The top three natural cures to get the body regularly functioning on its own, time after time, for constipation or improperly functioning bile ducts are GAPS shakes, ox bile, and kraut juice.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, in GAPS FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) says, “Poor fat digestion is usually due to bile stones. You need to introduce GAPS milkshakes, coffee enemas and use Ox bile supplements with your meals. Introduce fats gradually, starting from small amounts per meal.”

Biotics Research manufactures ox bile, in the form of Beta Plus, which stimulates bile flow naturally. Often times supplements have added fillers or the capsule/coating is not beneficial, doing more damage to a sensitive gut. Beta Plus is one of the highest recommended for sensitive digestive tracts.

When taking ox bile be sure to cycle the dose to prevent dependency on the bile salts. Cycling the dose means day one- take one, day two- take two, day three- take three and then cycle back to day one. Ox bile works best when taken with a meal.

When the gal bladder has been removed biliary salts prove highly beneficial. Biotics Research says biliary salts are, “Useful in cases where the gallbladder has been removed and the symptoms of a gallbladder dysfunction are still present.”

Click here to access Beta Plus Ox Bile.

For GAPS Milkshake (page 117): “Make a juice from a mixture of fruit and vegetables, add 1-2 raw eggs (both the yolk and the white) and a large dollop of raw sour cream (if sour cream was not introduced yet, use coconut oil) and  whisk the whole thing. It will turn into a delicious ‘milkshake’. The fats and protein balance the sugars in the juice, keeping the blood sugar under control. The juices of apple, celery, beetroot and other vegetables soften the gallbladder stones over time, while the fat provides gentle stimulation to the liver to squeeze these stones out. Start this milkshake from a few tablespoons per day and gradually increase to 2 glasses per day: fist thing in the morning on an empty stomach and middle of afternoon.”


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6 Responses to Curing Constipation & Activating Bile Flow Naturally

  1. Jo Bouffler says:

    I found this information very helpful but what if a person has had their gall bladder removed?

    • Ryan says:

      You should be taking an ox bile supplement for the rest of your life. I would start with 500mg every meal and see how your poop looks and go from there.

  2. Jennifer W says:

    Does NCM recommend the use of any other fruits and/or vegetables for the milkshake in addition to apples, beetroot and celery? I have allergies to all 3 of the mentioned produce.

    • Becky Plotner says:

      she recommends 50% be fruit like pineapple or green apple for taste. use what you are not allergic to – the fats from the yolk and sour cream balance out the sugar spike from the sweet. she recommends gut healing first on phase one so that the allergies are gone. do the sensitivity test to be sure before adding. she also says that the foods that leak through the leaky gut will show up on an allergy test but after phase one (and the following stages) when the gut is sealed and healed form meat stock the leaking will stop and you shouldn’t have issues with those foods any longer.

  3. k.briann says:

    Hi there- just started researching and I ‘m glad I found this. I have major gut issues and in the past have been told I have fat malabsorption and my Nd once said I had sluggish bile flow. The stool color has been normal for quite some time but I recently started a new probiotic and the color is back to a light tan color. Would it be that way due to a combination of poor bile flow and new probiotics?

  4. Wendy says:

    Can I do the liver flushes using a Vitamix instead of a juicer? Perhaps this would help with the constipation but also soften the stones?

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