Erica Brahan is a young example of healing through food, when food was the source of her struggles.  She suffered greatly with pain in her body and growing health concerns which were all rooted in poor quality food. She stepped up and took charge of her digestion, changing her life and quality of life forever. She’s an avid reader of Nourishing Plot and when she told me her story I was very impressed.
Her voice on recovery through nutrient dense food is documented now that she wrote her story down for other teenagers to see there’s hope. Her book is easy to read, easy to follow and  an informative read.

Here’s Erica’s story, in Erika’s words:

I was 15 before I began to understand that the painful joint inflammation I was experiencing, was not normal for anyone, let alone a teenager. When my mom encouraged me to change my diet to eliminate the inflammation, I did it, but I was not excited or eager.
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After over a year of experimenting with my diet, the pain had not gone away. Mentally, I struggled nearly everyday with feeling alone, hopeless, and like I didn’t fit in. I continued but only because I feared the unknown consequences knowing that they would be

worse than my current condition. I longed for a community of teenagers I could relate to that could give me support and advice.

After over a year and a half, the joint inflammation finally went away. Shortly after that, I wrote my book. I’ve built a strong support system around me that encourages me through every step and helps make this journey easier. I still struggle on a weekly basis with feeling alone and hopeless as I still have other health issues to overcome but I am not going to quit and have become mentally stronger through all of this.

To see Erica’s book, A Teenager’s Perspective on Food Restrictions: A Practical Guide to Keep from Going Crazy and read the first section for free click here (the FDA requires I say this when I direct readers to a product: #ad).

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