packaged salmonCostco salmon in the open case is farm raised which means antibiotics. The wild caught salmon in the freezer section is a better choice. The color is indicative of fresh salmon but as the label reads, color is added through the feed. This food is not GAPS legal.

HerringPreservative free, all natural Herring in Wine Sauce is a fantastic price but contains added sugar. This food is not GAPS legal.

salamiHard Salami is a healthy food as it’s a fermented meat, a natural probiotic. This one, however, is not healthy due to the added sugar, dextrose (sugar), flavorings (usually MSG), natural hickory smoke flavor (click here for warnings, including the medical concerns for pregnant women), sodium erythorbate (a preservative derived from sugar), sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite (both are preservatives in processed mean that when combined with stomach acid form nitrosamines which caused cancer when tested in animals). This food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.41.27Celery is ranked high on the dirty dozen list, a list of the 12 most dangerous vegetables due to the high pesticide content. Celery is high in water content allowing it to soak up a lot of pesticides. Since it is not organic, this food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.37.24

Both Kirkland brand and Fage brand yogurt could be healthy but they aren’t for one small reason. This food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.37.10

They are both non-fat yogurt. The latest research is showing fat is necessary in our foods, especially in dairy. Click here to read more, or here, or here. This food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.34.50Alaskan Salmon Burgers have canola oil (a GMO that transforms into a trans fat when heated), potato extract (a GMO and a starch), lemon juice from concentrate (contains sodium benzoate which forms cancer cells when it comes in contact with vitamin C). This food is not GAPS legal. Click here to read more on modified canola oil.

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2014-03-04 20.29.53

Kirkland brand shrimp is sadly farm raised which means antibiotics are in the food. Antibiotics are shown to eliminate good gut flora in humans). This food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.28.56

Agave is a  highly processed and refined sweetener with 60 calories per tablespoon (vs 40 calories for sugar) with extreme effects on insulin spikes. It is nutritionally void and compared to high fructose corn syrup by scientists. Read more form WebMD here. This food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.24.33

Kirkland brand vanilla contains added sugar. This food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.22.40


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Both Kirkland brand Artichoke Hearts and Seaweed contain unhealthy oil. Canola oil, rape seed oil and corn oil are all GMO oils which are trans fats. This food is not GAPS legal.

2014-03-04 20.19.58

Kirkland brand Organic Chicken Stock contains “natural flavors” which is a term used in prepackaged foods when the ingredient is undesirable if listed. The FDA has no regulations on the term “natural flavors” so it really it can be anything and often times means MSG. Any time natural flavors is listed as an ingredient, it is important to call the manufacturer to verify what specifically it means. To read more about the Truth in Labeling on Natural Flavors click here. An amazing reader called Costco to get more information and found “natural flavors” to be “Concentrated portion of the chicken stock that is added back into the formula to add flavor.”

Since that would be a bonus and an ingredient that could be listed as “concentrated chicken stock” I called Costco thinking there had to be something else otherwise it wouldn’t be hidden in the “natural flavors” title. Coscto customer service ranks above no other organization and this was no exception. I can not praise Costco enough for helping us walk this muddied path of food allergies. The service representative read through every question and answer for me and this is where the hidden ingredients lie.

She said, “They don’t add any flavorings to the stock itself and that includes natural and artificial flavoring.” The chickens come from Savanah, Georgia. “The product contains no directly added phosphates and no MSG.” When asked if it contains corn ingredients the answer was, yes! Costco said, “Information we received from the vendor is maltodextrin which is used as a carrier in the natural flavor.”  Included in the “natural flavoring” are, “Rosemary extract, vegetable oils as flavor carriers and FEMA GRAS {Generally Recognized As Safe} chemicals including ethyl lactate and 3-methylbutyrate and no msg.”

To the question, “Are there any added grain starches or sugar?” The answer is no, none is added. She said, “The package is made from a paper poly foil, container is BPA free, the lining is BPA free. The product does not contain soy. There is no dairy in the product but dairy is processed at the facility. No MSG. No preservatives. Product does not contain garlic, sage or yeast. They are not free range chickens. The water is softened and de-alkalized. The chickens used are organic. Chicken backs and feets are used in the concentrate but no organ meats are used.”

Costco added, “No added grains, starches or sugars are added to the chicken feed.”

This food is not GAPS legal.

I was told for the Natural Chicken Stock the chickens are fed soy and the product does contain black pepper.

Costco also told me, “Some information is propriatory where it is not divulged.”

2014-03-04 20.08.10Adult Vitamin D3 Gummies list sugar and corn syrup as the first two ingredients. These are not vitamins, they are candy. Natural flavors is also listed, which when used in sweet items usually means synthetic chemicals to amplify flavor. If the ingredient was something to brag about it would be listed, if it’s not it’s usually hidden in the term “natural flavors”. This food is not GAPS legal.



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