DSC04200Caramelized curly dock is a side dish that enlightens your taste buds with a lemony butter flavor that makes the kids beg for more!

Gathering curly dock in the spring will provide ample amounts of fresh dock that is loaded with vitamin C, beta-carotene and zinc. 

Curly dock is often found in ditches but grows everywhere. The specific leaves have an identifiable curl to the edges.










Spring time harvest of dock is best as the young leaves grow fast and are abundant. The optimum leaves for harvest are the youngest curled leaves in the center, the new growth.

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All young leaves are delicious. Picking a variety of fresh new growth mixed in with some leaves a bit younger is good variety. You’ll find which ones you like best.


Curly Dock, also called Yellow Dock, is a member of the buckwheat family and have a resemblance to spinach in the way they cook and taste. You can was curly dock, put the leaves in a pot of water and cook like you would spinach, drain, then spritz with vinegar.

DSC04196Our favorite way is to saute them in a pan with butter.


A mix of the youngest leaves, still unopened and the ones just opened make a good blend.


If you choose older leaves they may have a bitter taste.



Caramelized curly dock tastes much like kale chips with a lemon zing.

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