“As soon as they started eating a nutrient dense diet they became much more fertile. Fertility increases significantly,” says Chris Kresser, LAc and author of Your Personal Paleo CodeOften times food like soy or grains that are filled with anti-nutrients damage the function of the body affecting specific areas like the reproduction organs. 

Science Daily published a study where Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed the reproduction organs of male rats were altered from soy. They reported, “Male rats whose mothers were fed diets containing genistein, a chemical found in soybeans, developed abnormal reproductive organs and experienced sexual dysfunction as adults.”

The US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health reported a study on female rats fed organic soy and transgenic soy. They reported, “Both diets resulted in decreased body weight and lower serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Alterations in uterine and ovarian morphology were also observed.” They concluded further investigation of a soy-based diet was needed. 

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Kresser states he’s had several female patients who changed to a paleo diet where they, “Actually ended up with an unexpected pregnancy because before switching to paleo they didn’t have to pay as close attention (to prevention).” 

Nutrient dense foods make the difference.

Pasture raised animal meats are higher in micronutrients, higher in beneficial fats like DHA and EPA. Grass fed, grass finished beef is under the farmer’s care, free from hormones and antibiotics.

Americans are getting a drastically lower amount of healthy fats that are vital for fertility.  A great deal of new research is blaming illnesses on low-fat diets, including infertility.

Increasing the microbiome, the beneficial bacteria in your gut, provides nutrition from the body to the body. The Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates said hundreds of years ago, “All disease begins in the gut.” Doctors take a hippocratic oath agreeing to do no harm, which originated from Hippocrates. This is ironic because if the gut is the source of disease it should mean doctors should tend to fixing the gut to heal the disease instead of prescribing medicines while leaving the diet the same.

Traditional foods filled with probiotics like home-made sauerkraut, sour cream, milk kefir, water kefir and fermented vegetables are the solution for feeding the gut microbiome. Digestion assistance is showing major effects in curing disease.

Dr. Frank Lipman, MD and author of Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again says, “Our bodies were not meant to be sedentary or run marathons, exist with nearly no sleep, live without sun and nature, eat bizarre combinations of processed foods, or subsist on no-fat or no-carb diets.”

Kresser says, “It’s amazing that in the conventional world there isn’t a lot of awareness about how important nutrition is for fertility and pregnancy or there’s a mistaken idea of what kind of nutrition or what is proper nutrition for pregnancy and fertility.”

In his book Your Personal Paleo Code Kresser said, “Humans are in a health crisis getting sicker and fatter every year, dying from chronic disease our ancestors never faced.” He goes on to say, “We were never meant to eat the sugar, refined flour and industrial seed oils that are the mainstay of the standard American diet.” 

Foods that are specifically helpful in fertility are pastured yolks, raw milk and healthy fats.  Foods that show to block fertility are soy based products and grains, all of which are filled with anti-nutrients.

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