Nothing compares to marshmallow fluff!



Marshmallow fluff is a treat that surpasses most others. With this recipe it’s healthy and nutrient dense. Three simple ingredients and 14 minutes of your time will change your world.



Using local honey, Great Lakes Gelatin (affiliate links), the one in the red can (please note the green container is highly processed more than a damaged gut can handle. The green package is collagen hydrolysate, is designed to dissolve in cold water, does not gel and is not approved for those with deep microbiome damage). To purchase gelatin click here.

Place 3 Tablespoons of gelatin with 1/2 cup filtered water in a mixer. Mix on med/low setting to stir. Be sure to scrape sides.



IMAG3110 (1)

While the gelatin and water are mixing put another 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup local honey into a medium saucepan, heat until roughly 240 degrees. When honey is heated it loses valuable nutritional enzymes. This recipe works just fine if the honey and water is just warmed. If it is heated to the full 240 the marshmallow fluff is perfect every single time, fluffy and airy. If it’s not heated the fluff is hit or miss, sometimes isn’t fluffy but is still good. The choice is yours.


The gelatin and water will first look like this in the mixer. Be sure to scrape the powder down into the mix or it will turn into a glue-like gummy structure along the side wall.


Check your gelatin and water mix. Be careful that it is all mixed thoroughly and that there are no gelatin globule, but it is all mixed into granuals. If there is a globule pillow stuck to the side of the bowl be sure to break it up with a spoon. It should look like this:



Add the hot honey water to the gelatin water slowly with a slow steady stream while the mixer is still mixing. The product is hot so adding it slowly will help keep a marshmallow fluff consistency.



Once the honey water is all added to the water and gelatin mixture turn the mixer to high and continue to mix for ten minutes. If you over mix you will have firm marshmallows that harden rather quickly. If you under mix the product will be more like a thin pudding consistency. This is undermixed:




Store marshmallow fluff in jars or zip top bags for camping.



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*Nourishing Plot is written by Becky Plotner, ND, traditional naturopath, GAPS who sees clients in Rossville, Georgia. Since her son was delivered from the effects of autism (Asperger’s syndrome), ADHD, bipolar disorder/manic depression, hypoglycemia and dyslexia through food she continued her education specializing in Leaky Gut and parasitology through Duke University, finishing with distinction. This is not a news article published by a paper trying to make money. This blog is put out by a mom who sees first hand the effects of nourishing food vs food-ish items. No company pays her for writing these blogs, she considers this a form of missionary work. It is her desire to scream it from the rooftops so that others don’t suffer from the damaging effect of today’s “food”.

* Although delicious, marshmallow fluff is not supposed to be a substitute for the healing layout of GAPS nutritional protocol.


Marshmallow Fluff
A delicacy that is nourishing and tasty while satisfying every kid on a restricted diet. A good treat.
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  1. 1 cup filtered water
  2. 3 tablespoons gelatin (Great Lakes, red/orange cantainer)
  3. 1/2 cup local honey
  1. Put 1/2 cup of water in mixer with gelatin. Mix on med low, scraping down the sides. While mixing add the other 1/2 cup water and honey to medium saucepan and heat until reaches a soft boil. Slowly drizzle honey water mixture to water gelatin mixture while mixing. When combined turn mixer to med/high and beat for 10 minutes. This mixture is best right when it's done.
  1. Pour mixture into ziptop bags and squeeze into shapes on a silpat sheet. This makes perfectly shapes hearts, peeps, bunny heads, candy canes, etc. If you pour the marshmallow fluff onto a silpat sheet and let it air dry for 5 hours you can cut the tray into marshmallows. Roll each marshmallow in coco powder, cinnamon powder or coconut to prevent sticking. If you have a healthy gut and are not concerned about feeding pathogens roll in powdered sugar, arrow root powder or corn starch.
Nourishing Plot




46 Responses to Marshmallow Fluff

  1. Lynn Allen says:

    While it is helpful to see pictures, I do wish people who post recipes like this would include a link to a printable text page.

  2. Lou says:

    Can you freeze it? Or does it last awhile in the fridge?

    • Becky Plotner says:

      I have frozen it thinking it would be great ice cream. was good but not as fantastic as i hoped as ice cream or frozen treat. it didn’t really act like a frozen item, just stayed like marshmallow fluff. can’t answer the fridge question, it never lasts long here

  3. michelle says:

    is this stored at room temperature?? Thanks!

    • Becky Plotner says:

      i refrigerate mine but not sure if it’s necessary

      • Michelle says:

        Just curious but what do you do with it?? I made cupcakes and put it in between but still have a liter jar leftover, and it’s not nice and ‘egg-white peaky’ anymore but more like a stiff scum?? If that makes sense.. Ideas for use?

        • Becky Plotner says:

          this is tough because what you have is not really fitting. the recipe has two options: marshmallow fluff or marshmallows.

          • Michelle says:

            It was fluff, but turned to “marshmallow” after it stood for a while! Ah well, have to eat it out of the jar I guess 🙂

  4. Suzanne says:

    But what does it taste like? Any way to make it into a sandwich (nostalgia)?

  5. Isn’t it dangerous to heat honey? Would this work with date honey? We have date honey easily available in Israel.

    • Becky Plotner says:

      why is it dangerous to heat honey? date honey, not sure but let us know how it turns out! we can’t do dates honey, too much gut damage.

  6. Jennifer W says:

    Did you use the beef or porcine gelatin to make your fluff? Your other article says beef is better for the gut but then you mention that porcine fluffs better. Will beef still fluff nicely?

    How can this be altered to make marshmallows?


    • Becky Plotner says:

      i use beef. to make marshmallows mix the marshmallow fluff a little longer (not much) then pour out into a pan lined with parchment and let dry for a few hours. cut into sqaures and roll each square in either powdered sugar, arrow root powder, cinnamon or cocoa powder to create a dusting layer on top. that will keep them from sticking to each other. store i a zip top bag.

  7. […] Fluff. I (Denise) miss it. Here’s a recipe for it that’s GAPS and Paleo, but it uses honey.  If you have safe honey (sometimes a problem for […]

    • Becky Plotner says:

      Denise a lot of honey in the store is not honey but instead high fructose corn syrup. dr natasha campbell-mcbride, author of GAPS, says if you have a challenge with pollen in honey causing an allergy issues the GAPS healing diet will help and enable you to have honey. i’ve never met anyone who has tried the healing of honey with gaps as there’s usually a great deal of fear there – rightfully so! i would love to post a success story (wink, wink)

  8. Sally H. says:

    Do you think I could use Golden Syrup instead of honey (son cannot have honey b/c of the salicylate content).

    • Becky Plotner says:

      from what i understand golden syrup is really refined which is not good. if it’s sourced from sugar beets, which a lot of it is, it’s gmo and really taking you backwards. if he can not do local honey i would do GAPS until the gut is healed enough to handle the local honey.

  9. 888cabman says:

    Excellent! I can’t wait to try this recipe. Congratulations on the success of your family. We are in the process and I feel like you do. I want to share so that others do not have to be subject to the **ap that our governments and big companies present as food to us! Keep up the great work.

  10. Peggy McLinn says:

    I am going to try this tonight, my son LOVES peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches and because we have started our own version of the Feingold Diet, he can not have store bought fluff, I am hoping this will give him what he craves

  11. Lynn Allen says:

    Apparently your links on this page have disappeared. The photos do not show up. I made this for the first time today and I think I ended up over mixing it. It was pretty difficult to stuff into the jar and the ziptop bags.

    • Becky Plotner says:

      yes thank you lynn. the host site has been experiencing crashes. i’ve had a computer expert fixing the problem for two days now with the source of malfunction surfacing around the apps – specifically the recipe card app. we are still trying to fix the problem as it keeps faltering. keep me updated on how it looks from your end. we have tested several times where it shows all is well only to find it’s still not working for others.
      as far as the marshmallow fluff goes: overmixing results in more formed marshmallow-like consistency, undermixing is too runny. 9-10 minutes is usually just right. putting the fluff into ziplock bags and spreading into bunny heads immediately after mixing is best.

      • Beth T says:

        I can’t keep this at the fluff consistency. I specifically stopped mixing early yesterday and it was still liquid and not even fully fluff, but later turned into marshmallows again. Any suggestions? Also, just feedback from your earlier comment:still not able to see the pictures on the website.

        • Becky Plotner says:

          so sorry about the pictures. there have been problems with the site. massive problems that apparently sources from the recipe card app. it’s been removed which removed a lot of other related pics. so sorry. trying to fix it as fast as i can but my son is in a stage play and i’m running the spotlight – running my fastest, thanks for being so patient.
          i would check a few things: make sure it’s the bovine or pork gelatin from great lakes gelatin. the green can will not give the right result. also it could be the speed of your mixer. a slower mixer will take longer to turn it into fluff. each mixer runs differently. my mixer leaves it runny at 8 minutes but too stiff at 10 so keep an eye on it.

          • Beth T. says:

            I can see the pictures again :). Hope your son has a great show.

          • Becky Plotner says:

            seriously??????? and i just am now sitting down to fix it! i dont understand this at all… thanks for the good wishes! show one was da bomb!

      • Lynn Allen says:

        It’s working now except for the second photo and the recipe card. By the way, should this be stored in the refrigerator if not eaten right away? Mine grew black mold. I didn’t eat it up fast enough I guess. I didn’t care much for the flavor of the honey I used. I can’t wait until I catch up with my favorite local beekeeper and replenish my supply.

  12. Jessica Lochne. says:

    Do you think you can stir this with cream cheese to make a dip?

  13. Liz says:

    Honey is a bit too harsh on my Diabetes, could more gelatin replace it in some way? Thanks.

    • Becky Plotner says:

      the honey is for the sweetness. I wouldn’t think more gelatin would replace honey. instead try the recipe with less honey.

  14. Michael Riley says:

    Hi, Becky! I don’t get images on this recipe. Is it me or a back-end thing?

    • Becky Plotner says:

      hmmmmm thanks for the heads up. the recipe card on the site failed and took it all down, then it all surfaced again and all was well – or so i thought. i’ll fix it later today. thanks for the assist! let me know if it’s still not working.

  15. Tara says:

    Can you explain more about why the collagen (green can by Great Lakes) is problematic for the gut? I have gotten the impression that both the green can and the red can can be helpful. Have you read otherwise?

  16. I am doing a low glycemic diet and honey is not ok, (spikes blood sugar) I saw you mention the honey was just for sweetening, so if I replace the volume with water and a healthy sweetener e.g. stevia would it affect the overall texture, you think?

    • Becky Plotner says:

      not really sure. we dont do stevia unless it’s in plant form, which would be green – ground leaves. we can not eat processed sweeteners so i do not experiment with them. we use honey because it is highly digestible and has beneficial enzymes that are nutrient dense, feeding your body. curious to know what you find though. keep us updated!

  17. Poe says:

    Hey there! Do you think it would work with maple syrup, or is it too liquid? Thanks 🙂

    • Becky Plotner says:

      no idea we can not do maple syrup as it feeds pathogens for us and we can only digest monosaccharides, while local honey is high in beneficial enzymes, antimicrobial and antifungal (store bought is not). i’m curious to see what you find – pls post the results if you can!!!

  18. Lisa says:

    Not sure what happened here. I followed the recipe but did not get anything near fluffy marshmallow cream. What I got was flubber. I think it could bounce like a ball. Plus, to get the honey water mixter to the suggested 240 degrees it boiled for a while making the honey taste bitter. I used a candy thermometer to make sure of the temperature. It is what I would call an epic fail.

    • Becky Plotner says:

      Heating the honey to this temperature makes the end product more of a candy, it is not really necessary. I hardly heat my honey at all, just to the point where it thins then I pour it in. It sounds like the honey was too broken. I would try again with much less heat, don’t worry about the number on the thermometer. The food will be healthier, too.
      Practice, practice, practice. You’re close to perfection!

  19. […] 15. Piping-Friendly Marshmallow Fluff This marshmallow fluff will set after you make it, but it’s soft enough that you can pipe it in different shapes and roll them in cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, or shredded coconut to keep them from being sticky on the outside. Experiment with extracts, too! […]

  20. Amanda Alves says:

    As a college student with ADHD thank you .

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