The world’s leading expert on GMOs and their connection to illness has come forward saying non-GMO foods are being sprayed with Glyphosate. There is still a difference between non-GMO and GMO but the lines are getting shady and over-stepping is not regulated.

In Monsanto’s own studies soybeans showed a seven-fold increase of trypsin inhibitor which, if eaten, would give a patient gas and bloating. If you have flatulence and it smells that means the proteins are purifying, not nourishing your body. This comes from things like trypsin inhibitors in genetically engineered foods says Jeffrey Smith, author of Genetic Roulette, The Documented Health Risk of Genetically Engineered Foods and Seeds Of Deception.

Smith influenced US laws regulating GMO use and is widely known as the “leading world expert on GMOs.” He is the Executive Director at the Institute For Responsible Technology and the source behind the films Hidden Dangers In Kids Meals and Milk On Drugs Just Say No.

Smith says patients switching to GMO free diets are seeing full recovery of intestinal disorders, reversing diseases, bloating, gas, gut pain, constipation and diarrhea.

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Dr. Tom O’Bryan explains our intestinal tract is lined with villi that when healthy looks like a plush thick shag carpet. Damaged villi look like burber carpet. Dr. O’Bryan says the cause of this villi damage is directly linked to BT toxin and Roundup ready GMOs.

These foods act as pesticides in the body of patients with Leaky Gut. Many experts say there is a direct link between these foods and malfunctioning bile production which in turn affects the way the body functions and is directly visible by constipation.

Smith says, “When you look at mice fed BT toxin in corn they all had significant immune reactions, especially the young mice. They also became sensitive to normal compounds. If we look at the food allergies in the United States since GMOs have been introduced, they’re skyrocketing.” 

Dr. O’Bryan says when running stool analysis on his patients the vast majority of the time when they do not remove GMO foods, “I don’t see all the good guys (good gut bacteria) coming back and thriving.” 

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup is currently being sprayed on crops before harvest, wheat, rye, barley, lentils, citrus and sweet potatoes drenching the crop to dry down the crop making the harvest easier. Glyphosate penetrates the skin and goes directly into the food portion where it is stored. O’Bryan says, “This is not GMO lentils, this is non-GMO lentils, but they have been sprayed. What you need to look for is non-GMO organic.” 

Smith agreed and said, “Non-GMO is organic by definition, what you want is products that have been verified by the non-GMO project. Over 10,000 products have been verified.”

“The EPA has just increased the allowable residues allowed on fruits and grains by as much as 30 times. The level that’s now acceptable in fruits, vegetables and grains is about a million times more than the level that is linked to damage from Roundup,” Smith says.

In addition, glyphosate is a hormonal disruptor, specifically altering the function of Aromatase. Female test animals had more testosterone and male test animals had more estrogen. “They were feminizing the males and verilizing the females,” Smith says.

He adds, “Glyphosate was originally patented as a broad spectrum chelator meaning that it binds with trace minerals making them unavailable for digestion and assimilation. That means that when the food that’s genetically engineered, Roundup ready, becomes drenched with Roundup, it becomes nutrient deficient.”

The problem doesn’t stop there, instead it gains momentum. Smith adds, “Animals that eat the Roundup ready crops become nutrient deficient. We eat the Roundup residues, it can further chelate within us. We can block the availability of certain nutrients. These trace minerals are like keys in locks. Many diseases can be linked to Roundup foods.” 

Glyphosate binds with calcium cobalt, manganese, vitamin B-12, selenium, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, nitrogen, nickel, cobalt and magnesium. Ironically people with Leaky Gut are deficient in the exact same nutrients.

Clearing up the diet by removing GMO foods clears up illnesses, some within days, some within weeks. Intestinal damage takes longer but can be repaired with elimination of GMO foods and the addition of good quality probiotics that also do not contain GMO ingredients. This probiotic and this one are the most highly recommended for the most damaged guts.

For more information click on for interviews, brochures and non-GMO shopping guides. Jeffrey Smith’s movie, Genetic Roulette has received numerous awards and accolades for shedding light on sickness and the root cause. 

“We don’t have enough information saying GMOs are causing gluten sensitivity but we do have practitioners who are saying removing GMOs as part of the treatment patients receive a more dramatic recovery,” Smith says.

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