There is a profound affect on whether a tumor thrives, proliferates, creates its own blood supply and metastases all with food as the cause says Dr. Helayne Waldman, Ed.D a holistic counselor and coauthor of The Whole Food Guide For Breast Cancer Survivors. 

After losing her father to colon cancer, her aunt with breast cancer and a friend with brain cancer she put food to the test and sees consistent positive results with nutrient dense foods and their healing properties.

Waldman says, “I want folks to be aware that they’re not powerless in the slightest and that what they do, and how they live, and what they put in their body has a remarkable effect on what happens to them.”

Marc David M.A. says, “It feels like it should be headline news.” Yet, none of it is discussed unless it’s on social media or the internet, individual people with personal experience.

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“I think that when MDs study in general they receive a pharmaceutical education. It’s a sick-care model, not a wellness model. Pharmaceuticals are all about sickness.The studies I’m talking about they’re not told about them,” says Dr. Waldman.

Proper nutritional supplementation should come from real food sources. Dr. Waldman says one of the most vital food sources is healthy saturated fats which work as the gatekeepers to healthy nutrition. For a list of good food sources including the proper healthy fats click here.

Ingredients are added to food products that affect health. The perfect example is bromide, a dough conditioner which is a highly toxic substance that drastically alters normal cell function. Refraining from products with flour will ensure no bromide. 

Dr. Waldman says, “If you’re a woman and you have fibrocystic breasts that is almost a giveaway that you are iodine deficient. It means that your breast cells are not getting the iodine they need to behave normally. They may not be cancerous but they’re not behaving normally.” 

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, neurologist and author of GAPS recommends iodine painting on the inside of your wrist by dropping a few drops of iodine and rubbing it into the skin. 

Walman says in her years and years of practice she has only encountered one patient who wasn’t deficient in iodine.

Today it is common practice for a doctor to schedule appointments every six months where they scan tumor markers indicating the cancer growth.

Dr. Waldman says, “In those six months these clients with the right food, nutrients and lifestyle could be turning tumor suppressor genes on, turning tumor promoter genes off, they could be reducing their blood sugar and inflammation, they could be enhancing their immune system, they could be rectifying nutrient deficiencies and on and on and on.”

Doctors need to know we can be our most valuable asset with proper nutrient dense foods Waldman says.

Years ago science showed, “Genes were you got the deck you were dealt,” Waldman says. “We found out in the past 10-20 years that genes were immutable in a way.”

Cancer Epiodemiological Biomarkers and Prevention published a study in 2005 where they studied women carrying a DNA repair gene. The women with this gene had more chromosome breaks which affected breast cancer. They were administered 3 months of selenium and their chromosome breaks returned to normal. 

“If we understand the interplay between nutrients and genes we have unbelievable power in our hands,” says Dr. Waldman.

Risk factors that affect re-occurrence are blood sugar levels and inflammation. Many people suffer from metabolic syndrome and are not aware. Elevated blood sugar and increased inflammation are both part of metabolic syndrome which make a very hospitable environment for cancer markers to grow.

Testing certain protein levels tell if there is this type of inflammation. Testing hemoglobin A1C will tell you if elevated blood sugar levels exist over a long time and if it is a concern. Elevated fasting insulin is a direct cause for growing tumors Waldman says. 

The most highly ranked natural inflammation reducer is curcumin which is found in turmeric. Dr Berat Agerwald, MD Anderson is considered a specialist. Click here for and example. To learn more click here.

Bitter melon, a vegetable, has been very successful especially with breast cancer. To grow your own click here. To supplement click here.

According to Dr. Waldman the biggest level of artillery comes from a fairly low carbohydrate diet of grass fed, pastured meats, wild caught fish, organic vegetables and fermented foods like saurkraut, kefir and kim chi that help to repopulate the good flora.

Vitamin D levels are important but most valuable in food form: pastured egg yolks, pastured animal fats and grass fed butter. Taking vitamin D in these forms assures appropriate levels of vitamin K2 which works as a police officer directing traffic within the body.

Tocatrianol is in the vitamin E family and has been showing to assist in homeostasis. Rice bran and palm oil are excellent sources of tocatrianol. “They protect the heart and they protect the cell membranes but they can also activate a protein that helps bring about atrophis, cancer cell death,” Waldman says. “They’re also going to inhibit angiogenesis, the growth of blood vessels that a tumor will put out to help provide nourishment so that it can grow.” 

Dr. Carol Dean, MD, Nd and author of The Magnesium Miracle, says controlling cell membranes and protecting cells from heavy metals is imperative. Magnesium has hundreds of good qualities and only one bad, diarrhea according to Dr. Thomas Klinner. Magnesium flakes by Ancient Minerals can be made into a spray for transdermal application, sprayed directly onto the skin. This helps get the maximum amount without the diarrhea side effect. Sometimes magnesium spray stings but applied in lotion form the sting is minimized. Magnesium flakes in the bathtub are an excellent source of absorption.

 Toxic Beauty by Samuel Epstein, MD describes which chemicals in products today cause damage to the body by negatively affecting our cellular function. He also describes what ingredients are carcinogenic. 

For more information from Dr Waldman click here.

To learn more about a commonly used product that may be in your food which has been proven to cause cancer when added to vitamin C click here. 

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