Diets today are void of good fats, filled with bad fats, preservatives and chemicals and are being blamed for the suppression of our digestive juices. “That bile that we don’t make to metabolize fats, that we don’t make as well as we once did, also is a buffer for the acids in your stomach,” says  John Douillard, DC and author of The 3 Season Diet.

“Diets don’t work, real food is the answer,” says Darya Rose, PhD in neurology and author of Foodist. She is also a self-proclaimed PhDork.

“Unfortunately our healthcare system is not a health care system, it’s a disease management system,” says Laura Klein organic real food chef. She recommends taking over your health with your favorite foods in organic form and add more vegetables. She highly recommends eating at home more. 

Paul Chek, licensed health practitioner, author of How To Eat Move and Be Healthy and respected expert on parasites and yeast says eating a diet of real foods if vital to nutrition. 

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“If you don’t have good bile flow, I’m talking ridiculous bile flow, your stomach’s going to do one of three things,” says Dr. Douillard.

1) Hold onto stomach acids allowing them to linger in the stomach. This will cause heartburn, acid reflux and other serious problems.

2) Dump the acid into the small intestine. With a malfunctioning bile system there will be no bile to neutralize the acid leaving irritation and inflammation.

3) With low bile the stomach will turn down the acid production to prevent a hole in the intestinal tract.

Dr. Douillard says the end result of this is people start eliminating foods like dairy, soy or nuts saying things like, “I just don’t eat gluten any more because it’s a hard to digest protein.” He says people, “Dance around the fact that our digestive fire has been shut down.” He says stress and lack of nutrient dense live foods and healthy fats cause the gut to become congested causing the bile flow to become congested. 

With intestinal villi not working properly toxicity builds up and cognitive issues manifest and grow.

Marc David from The Institute For The Psychology Of Eating and author of Nourishing Wisdom says when he was in gross anatomy class in medical school, they dissected 50 cadavers and found in all patients over the age of 20 a growing number of gal stones in the gal bladder. Sometimes they were as big as your fist. His instructor told them this was occurring more and more over the years but didn’t know the cause. 

Dr. Bodaniel Park, specialist in Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist says gall bladder problems come from lack of good fats.

Good quality fats stabilize your blood sugar and sustain the body. Dr. Douillard says traditionally people survived on fats, “Because of lack of good quality fats we crave sugar. It’s really simple if you start putting really good fats back in you’ll have good fuel supply. Eighty percent of the cells in your body will burn fat as fuel.”

Coconut oil, grass fed butter, home rendered tallow and lard from pastured animals, good quality olive oil with a press date on the label and ghee are all excellent sources of good quality fats. 

“The cells of your intestinal tract make butyric acid. Butyric acid is how butter got its name. The cells of your intestinal tract make its own ghee because the microbes in your intestinal tract use the ghee as its primary source of fuel,” says Dr. Douillard. 

He adds, “The microbiology is doing all of the heavy lifting for our mood. One study showed if you took a container of yogurt and put it on the table (test subjects) had and emotional reaction. The microbes in the yogurt would actually change (behavior) dramatically. That’s how sensitive these microbes are.”

Organic foods have twice as many good organisms on them as other foods. These organisms and good bacteria, create a favorable environment in the intestinal tract. Dr. Douillard says transglucosidase converts sugar into a starch which then gets eaten by other bacterium preventing the sugar from crossing into the bloodstream. This prevents high blood pressure issues. 

“We know the bugs are making the neurotransmitters, they make the serotonin.” Dr. Douillard says, “They make 95% of our serotonin that maintain our stability.”


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