Recent food rankings show Carrington Farms Coconut Oil, purchased from Costco to be ranked as one of the “Best” fats or oils by the 2014 Weston A. Price Foundation Shopping guide,”For finding the healthiest food in supermarkets, health food stores and by mail order.”

This news debunks a recent article entitled Why Buying Coconut Oil at Costco is Risky Business from one of the most popular real food blogs. This post turned the foodie world into a battle ground of what is healthy food. Sarah Pope is the author of The Healthy Home Economist and also serves as the Recording Secretary on the board of The Weston A. Price Foundation.

The Shopping Guide is a practical and thorough list of foods ranked Best, Good and Avoid. Achieving the Best status is the highest rank The Price Foundation allocates, showing the food to be healthful and clean. 

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A half gallon, 54 ounces, of Carrington Farms Coconut Oil costs roughly $15 at Costco while another Best ranked competitor, Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is $29 for 32 ounces, plus shipping and handling. A membership to Costco is necessary to purchase the Carrington Farms brand; however, people who do not have a membership are welcome to shop with their friends who do have a membership.

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil is ten dollars more per container if ordered through Amazon for the same container that is $15 at Costco. 

For those who do not have access to Costco, Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is a superior product with excellent flavor. For those who do have access to Costco, shop with confidence when you fill your cart with Carrington Farms Coconut Oil.





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