Chickens that are allowed to roam free throughout the day do not have eggs of equal nutrition. All eggs shown below are from free roaming chickens, allowed to eat bugs, grass, insects or whatever they desire while they freely roam the property filled with grass, worms, fresh air and sunshine. These are not mass raised chickens, they are homegrown on a small homestead allowed to roam the yard freely from sunrise to sunset.

The difference in yolk color is significant. This color variation comes from supplemental feed thrown into the yard once a day. Supplemental food was offered during the cold winter months when bug and worm count was low. The small flock of 12 chickens dwindled to three, loss from chicken vs car. Supplemental feed was offered once in the morning to keep the chickens from crossing the road.

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The above yolk color comes from a chicken fed liver and kidneys from a grass fed grass finished steer. These nutrient dense organ meats provide the most nutrition to the animal.


The above yolk color comes from a chicken fed miscellaneous table scraps containing grass fed grass finished meats and free ranking animal meat as well as vegetables. No grains were fed to this chicken.


The above yolk color comes from a chicken fed standard American food scraps.



The above yolk color comes from a chicken fed organic feed comprised of many grains.

Scrolling through these pictures shows a slight difference in egg yolk color. The deeper orange color shows higher vitamin D and A levels. The color variation doesn’t look all that different until you look at them side by side as in this picture below.


These are both eggs from free ranging chickens. The only difference is the extra supplemental feed of organ meats vs organic feed.







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